Why are FIBC bags of flour sewn with filler cord?

The most common FIBC bags of flour are Q bags to maintain the square shape of the bag and save storage space. At the same time, this type of bulk bag is also specially designed to preserve wheat flour, keeping its value during transportation and storage. So Why are FIBC bags of flour sewn with filler cord? Readers, please join us to find the answer in this article.

The structure of FIBC bags of flour

Wheat flour jumbo bags are made from virgin PP plastic in accordance with the packaging standards of the food industry. The packaging can be used for long-term packaging and transportation. The type of baffle bag is sewn with 4 additional baffles, which are pieces of polypropylene fabric with holes.

The effect of baffle panels

Each panel is sewn with 2 adjacent sides and designed with some holes. These baffles keep the shape of the bag square. Jumbo bags with baffles are suitable for storing products and materials with high mobility.

FIBC Bags also meet the same size requirements as containers. The bag can be coated inside or outside to protect the product from the mold. Depending on the characteristics of the goods, the bottom of the bag will be designed differently such as flat bottom or a discharge bottom ...

Why are FIBC bags of flour sewn with filler cord?

Q bags are usually sewn with filler cords. This is a special type of sewing thread, sewn at the seams of the bag in order to prevent the product from leaking out at the sewing positions.

When sewn together, bulk bags with handles will have large sewing holes. These holes will allow fine powder to leak out during transportation. Besides, moisture and air also penetrate, causing the flour to become moldy, losing all nutritional value.

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