What role does packaging play in a marketing strategy?

Packaging plays a very important role in marketing strategy and brings many benefits to businesses. For packaging design companies and businesses product labels are a combination of materials, structures, images, colors, and other components to create visually appealing packaging to communicate and achieve brand or product goals.

Therefore, many businesses spend a lot of their budget on product packaging design. In this article, EPP Vietnam will help you know what role packaging plays in Marketing strategy.

Packaging brings high efficiency to Marketing Strategy

Packaging protected products from a long time ago. Until now, many businesses have realized that the role of packaging is essential to building a consistent brand. When design and printing standards are getting higher and higher and people are increasing "upgrading", packaging becomes more eye-catching and has a strong impact on consumers' purchasing decisions.

Packaging is marketing's secret weapon that encourages consumer demand. Nowadays, packaging is becoming more and more important in building a classy brand. Businesses are interested in impressive professional packaging design as an effective selling advantage.

In addition, it can help companies increase sales and reduce the cost of promoting products from images, impressive colors, and simple packaging to entertaining customers. A good product is not enough, its external appearance also needs to be carefully cared for, easily touching the psychology of consumers.

The specific roles of packaging when doing business 

Packaging is also a special industrial product used to contain and pack and protect the use value of goods and products. This facilitates the handling, transportation, storage, and consumption of products. In addition, the specific roles of packaging for every business can be mentioned as follows.

Packaging helps customers and consumers identify the brand

Each product packaging is designed with the product's logo and positioning. To achieve this consistency, packaging needs to apply the rules of the brand identity system to create a visual difference from other competing products. On the other hand, the packaging must represent the unique selling points of the product.

Packaging is a key tool for establishing a connection between brands and consumers. Every time a product is launched, the brand image is reflected in the packaging. If the product is high quality, it will strengthen the brand and gradually create customer support.

Packaging helps promote the most effective communication

The packaging provides information printed on the package, including information such as product name, ingredients, usage,  functions, manufacturer, and expiration date. A good packaging design will help easily convey the message of the product to the customer. Information about the differences, benefits as well as effective use on the packaging will help consumers trust the product and the brand.

Packaging can reduce theft and meet market demand

Packaging is important to help reduce theft. The packaging is only opened once, therefore, once opened it will not close. In commercial environments such as shops, supermarkets, etc., this helps to reduce the risk of product theft.

Product packaging makes products diverse, simple, and easy to display and distribute. Canned products can be opened and closed many times, very convenient while paper packaging is most used in food packaging. This is the meaning of product packaging, to catch up with the market. As a result, packaging always catches up with trends and meets the needs of consumers.

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