Can fibc bags be cleaned

Whether fibc bags can be cleaned is a question of many businesses when using this type of bag to pack and store goods. One of the most used packaging in the construction and agricultural industries is the heavy-duty bulk bag.

These big bags are specially designed and reusable with different safety factors and weights to suit a wide range of goods. So if the single-trip jumbo bag is washed, can it be reused? Readers, please follow this article with EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd to find out the answer.

Information about fibc bags

Jumbo packaging has a very large size used to hold a lot of materials such as construction sand, cement, fertilizer, and grain. Bulk bags previously were made from PVC rubber. But with modern technology and development, people have found a new material called Polypropylene (PP for short).

The outstanding feature of this type of packaging is strong, durable, and tear-resistant. Besides, the great point of this bulk bag is that it can be recycled in a certain factor and easily decomposed. This advantage makes them a great choice in the future. Jumbo bags are alternative packaging solutions for paper bags, plastic bags, cloth bags, and leather bags… and can be used for many different purposes.

Can fibc bags be cleaned?

Super sacks for sale are also a useful solution to promote the brand of the business and provide product information. Manufacturers can easily print their logo or product information on the jumbo bag and provide the necessary information about the manufacturer as well as how to use it safely.

The jumbo packaging is washable for a variety of uses. Polypropylene material is water resistant and super durable and strong. When exposed to water, many types of ordinary packaging are easy to soften and tear, even if they have been laminated with an anti-scratch film. In contrast, Big bags can solve this problem, as they are made from woven fabric, even when washed in water.

Note when cleaning fibc bags

Bulk bags for sale can get dirty like many other types of packaging after being used. But the great thing is that we can clean them easily by removing the dirt from the bag's surface. 

After cleaning, just lay the packaging flat and let it dry naturally, they will return to its original shape. When the packaging is dry, you can fold and store it for later use or reuse for many other purposes.

Buying fibc bags at EPP Vietnam

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