What is the packaging? Classification of industrial packaging

With the rapid development of the current market economy, should packaging become an extremely necessary product? And what is the concept of packaging? How is packaging used in the industry? Readers, please follow the article below to classify industrial packaging.

What is the concept of packaging?

Packaging is a special product used to pack and contain other goods in order to protect their value. Packaging also creates favorable conditions for the preservation, transportation, loading and unloading, and consumption of products and ensures environmental safety when consuming products.

Packaging is an indispensable product in industries. Product packaging has continued to evolve since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The packaging is handmade from scratch with small sizes and simple specifications. Their main function is to contain and transport.

Today, packaging has modern production technology, diverse packaging materials, rich specifications and designs, and extremely large volume. The use of packaging has expanded in storage, transportation, commerce, and more.

Classification of industrial packaging

Packaging is one of the most important means of ensuring the quality and quantity of goods. This is also a factor that helps increase labor productivity when storing and transporting goods.

Sorting packaging by usage

Depending on different industries and goods, businesses will choose the appropriate packaging line.

Inner packaging

This type of packaging is used to pack goods and sold with the product. It comes in direct contact with the product. The inner packaging has the effect of protecting the goods from moisture and impacts from the outside environment. Therefore, its value is added to the value of the product for sale.

Outer packaging (Used to transport goods)

This packaging has the function of protecting the entire quantity and quality of the product and transporting the product from the origin place to the consumption place. Depending on the type of packaging either recyclable or non-recyclable, its value is added immediately or partially to the value of the consumable.

Common packaging

Common packaging is used in special cases to be placed between the inner and outer packaging to fix the goods. It is a package that can contain many different items. That means after this shipment is piled up, other goods or the same goods can be piled up several times.

Specialized packaging

Specialized packaging can only be used to package and contain a certain type of product, usually one with special physical or chemical properties, for example, combustible materials, or chemicals...

Sorting packaging by production material

Materials commonly used in packaging production: wooden packaging, metal packaging, PP woven packaging, carton, and packaging made of artificial and synthetic materials such as glass, and plastic packaging. In the current industry, FIBC bags made of virgin polypropylene (PP) are very popular.

FIBC bulk bags have a sustainable quality structure that ensures the value of the product when it reaches the consumer. These types of packaging have different designs such as spout top and bottom big bags, baffle fibc bags to help the loading and unloading go smoothly. Each PP super sack is suitable for different modes of freight (ships, trains, specialized trucks) to create favorable conditions for quick and convenient loading and unloading of goods.

Using jumbo bags is beneficial for effectively protecting goods, saving packaging costs, and reducing loading and unloading time. The input materials are environmentally friendly and safe for users' health.

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