Important criteria in producing packaging

According to the current trend, besides product materials, impressive and unique packaging design is the key factor in promoting the consumer's purchase. It is obvious that packaging increasingly affects the success or failure of a product or brand.

Packaging is the only tangible thing - connects the product and brand to the consumer the fastest. Therefore, there are many criteria when producing all kinds of packaging. Those criteria will be mentioned by EPP Vietnam right below. Please follow along to find the answer.

Important criteria in producing packaging

When packaging does not attract the attention of customers, it means that everything that the manufacturers want to convey to customers becomes meaningless. Imagine if you went to the supermarket to buy something and there were a lot of competing products on the shelves. At that time, product packaging design is the key to impressing and attracting consumers.

Packaging design to create a distinct brand

Packaging has the main mission of protecting the product, and introducing distribution methods. At the same time, it also implies the quality of the products, helping consumers easily identify products and brands, and creating trust and peace of mind when choosing your products.

Packaging must be manufactured based on special elements such as size, shape, material, color, font, and brand. These elements must be coordinated to highlight the added value of the product to the customer. Packaging should be consistent with advertising, pricing, distribution, and other marketing strategies.

Packaging must protect the goods

Packaging is used during the storage and transportation of the product from the place of origin to the consumer. A different type of packaging is required to maintain each product's quality.

Packaging may consist of two or three layers of material. The first layer of the packaging is what directly contains the product like a plastic bottle of Lavie pure water or a Chanel perfume bottle. The second packaging is the protective material of the first packaging. The paper box is the second layer of packaging, both for extra protection and additional advertising space.

Shipping packaging is the third layer required to store, identify, and transport the product. La Vie bottle products will be packed in 24 bottles for easy transportation and distribution. The outside of the packaging is printed with labels and packaging details to describe the product.

Food packaging is usually produced by lamination or multi-layer extrusion. Membrane grafting is the most commonly used method. The lamination of various materials into films can improve properties to meet packaging requirements such as air resistance, moisture resistance, good printability, and ease of manufacture.

Packaging production must meet market demand

Paper packaging is the most used in food packaging and holds the highest market share. Although Asia is an emerging market with large demand, accounting for 29% of the world market demand. There are many brands that have tried to update their external image with appropriate elements that have little impact on loyal consumers.

That is the art of branding. When you follow multiple brands, especially strong brands that have stood the test of time for decades and changed consumer trends, they provide insights into how to grow and manage brand core values.

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