All about the history, concept, and function of packaging

Since ancient times, our forefathers used the first packaging in history which were different types of leaves. Due to the demand for living, production, and exchange of products, people began to use bark and animal skins to create more secure and convenient bags. Readers, please follow the article to find out all information about the history, concept, and function of packaging with EPP VietNam from time to time.

The development history of packaging 

After using leaves, the ancients knew how to use animal skins and bark to knit into packaging and transport products more efficiently. However, for materials derived from bark, and animal skin, the ability to transport is more important than the preservation ability of the product.

Once such packaging is discarded due to breakage, tearing, or damage, its reusability is limited. Other materials have been considered for packaging that better preserves the product and have reusability. It was at this time that ceramic vessels were used to store liquids and granular goods.

After a period of use, the vases made of terracotta have the drawback of being fragile. These types of packaging existed in the past and we still see them today in several countries around the world. After that, the packaging is made of glass like all kinds of jars today.

The packaging industry is constantly evolving. The research and application of new technologies in packaging production are increasingly extensive to ensure that packaging products better meet the demand for the production and exchange of goods. As a result,  PP woven bags were born, bringing many advantages such as durability, certainty, large load capacity, and diversity in design.

The concept of packaging 

We all know that all products in all industries (except coal, and mining) must be packed, contained, protected, managed and transported by some type of packaging. Each manufacturer and business has different packaging selection criteria depending on their applications.

From the manufacturer's point of view, packaging is a means of promoting a product. The “best” model and design are also the best ways of conveying quality. Here, manufacturers emphasize the role of packaging for their products.

The packaging can show the specific and detailed identification of the product. In particular, in the manufacturing process, the basic use value of the product must be recognized by society, not eliminated from the market, and become a real product.

The packaging and product form a well-structured finished product. Manufacturers consider "performance" and packaging costs when using packaging in commerce.

What is the function of the packaging?

Although there are different concepts of product packaging, the above concepts have similarities in terms of the function and role of packaging. Packaging has a very diverse function.

Packaging has the function of preserving and containing goods

Most products must be packaged and stored where they are produced, with the exception of mining (coal, minerals) and construction products. Packaging was born to meet this requirement in ancient times. The basic function of packaging is to facilitate the storage and transportation products that are purchased and manufactured from one place to another.

Packaging retains the use value of the product, i.e. protects the goods from harmful and other environmental influences during storage and transportation. They can protect goods from loss in both quantity and quality, even man-made losses during storage, distribution, and circulation.

Packaging has the effect of providing information to consumers

Consumers recognize and distinguish products through packaging with different printing methods and shapes. We can also easily distinguish products of this brand and products of others to easily choose the right product. Differentiating a product's packaging is crucial to "personalizing" a product.

Packaging is the most effective means of promotion

Packaging is an ideal solution for transmitting information from seller to buyer. The advertising ability of packaging is strongly promoted in supermarkets. They act as silent sellers in semi-self-service. Packaging is the embodiment of the product, therefore, through the presentation of the packaging (information identification, advertising) they create a good impression to buyers. 

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