The role and feature of big bags

If you are a business and you identified how important the feature of packaging is. You are on the right track and your success rate is very high. Especially in the context of an open market economy, consumers have many choices from hundreds of different brands for the same product, therefore, the packaging becomes even more important. Please follow this article to understand the role and feature of FIBC bags.

The role and feature of big bags

Our country's rice export industry has the opportunity to develop and penetrate some hard markets such as Japan, Europe, the US, etc. This is a chance but also a challenge for business enterprises to trade and export a variety of products.

Facing these opportunities and challenges, many businesses have set out strategies to position their brands. The investment in packaging and shipping is one of the issues to be noted. 

Information about big bags

Jumbo bags have their own features. Many types of bulk bags will be used in different products. However, they all share the common feature of being waterproof, lightweight, and durable. Big bags material are typically woven polypropylene that can be coated or uncoated, depending on the intended use.

Super sacks bags are available in different designs and loads such as duffle top FIBC bags, Q bags, filing top, and discharge bottom. Jumbo bags are usually transported by crane or forklift.

The role of big bags 

The packaging plays a key role before the product reaches the customer. Businesses have gradually changed their perception and realized the important role of packaging in brand promotion as well as sales activities. Packaging will keep the product in the right quantity as well as quality. There will be no crushed or loss in quantity and effects on the original quality.

The fibc super sack also has the feature of protecting the product, ensuring food safety from external agents such as dirt and dust. At the same time, bulk bags with handles also make the process of transporting and circulating goods more convenient, easier and faster.

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