Jumbo bags - Solution for the global supply chain

Jumbo bags are considered the solution for the global supply chain. Because the global supply chain often fluctuates according to the problems occurring around the world. The production, purchasing, and transportation of goods of most businesses are closely related to packaging and storage.

FIBC bags can solve many problems throughout the supply chain. If your business is looking to maximize productivity and profits, PP bulk bags are the perfect economical solution.

What factors affect the global supply chain?

In recent years, supply chain disruptions and slowdowns have impacted many businesses and modes of transportation. One of the strongest influences on product distribution over the past few years has been the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pandemic disrupts supply chains

At the start of the pandemic, entire industries closed or significantly downsized their operations to prioritize health and safety. The distribution of products domestically and internationally also decreased markedly. At the same time, consumer demand around the world continues to grow, while stores and warehouses often struggle to stock.

After the epidemic situation has been stabilized, businesses are reopening, job opportunities are increasing and the economy is developing. While this is a positive sign, many businesses are still struggling to keep adequate inventories.

Packaging materials have changed

The pandemic is just one of several factors affecting global supply chains. Changes in consumer buying behavior, overloaded production or logistics systems create an imbalance of supply and demand. In particular, the FIBC industry was recently affected by forcing polypropylene production plants to close.

Complex supply chains rely on raw material inputs from multiple businesses to get products from the concept stage to the consumer. When even one of these steps is delayed, all the others will be left behind.

The demand for jumbo bags in the supply chain is increasing

To solve supply chain problems, companies are using more bulk shipping methods to ship more goods at once. This change has increased the demand for jumbo bags in the supply chain.

However, supply chain issues have affected businesses' ability to procure all types of products, including FIBC packaging materials. A shortage of raw materials has created a high demand for packaging.

The current demand for PP bulk bags exceeds what commercial packaging manufacturers can provide. Many industries rely on fibc manufacturers to support safe, secure product transportation.

Jumbo bags serving the agricultural supply chain

Using FIBC bags is useful for agribusinesses that often need to store and transport seeds, feed, fertilizers, or crops. Super sacks bags help farmers streamline processes and protect their crops.

FIBC bags for the construction industry

Construction companies often need to load, transport, and unload large volumes of heavy materials such as rock, debris, gravel, and soil. Jumbo packaging for building materials is extremely durable, withstanding rough transportation while protecting the stored materials.

Jumbo bags for the pharmaceutical supply chain

Pharmaceutical companies use bulk bags to keep products safe during storage and transportation. FIBC jumbo bags are great for storing dry products, and even extend the shelf life of many pharmaceuticals.

Due to the number of businesses using jumbo bags amid supply chain disruptions, the price of FIBC bags has skyrocketed in the past few years. However, while demand grows, this type of packaging remains one of the most durable, reliable, and useful transport and storage containers for a wide range of products.

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