The process of ordering and manufacturing jumbo bags at EPP Vietnam

EPP Vietnam is one of the leading reputable companies in the Vietnam packaging industry. EPP jumbo bags are made from heavy-duty woven PP fabric with or without moisture-proof features thanks to the lamination. Our products are always favored because of the quality and the competitive price. Below is the process of ordering and manufacturing jumbo bags at EPP Vietnam.

The process of ordering and manufacturing jumbo bags at EPP Vietnam

Each big bag company will have a different working process, depending on the characteristics, nature, scale...

In general, the production process of bulk bags at EPP Vietnam is carried out according to the following steps.

Step 1: Customer information

Customers who want to order FIBC bags at EPP can visit to refer to the model and then contact hotline +84986 002 888 for the most detailed advice.

The consultant will receive the customer's request. Basic information usually includes the intended use, size, and quantity. Especially the purpose of using jumbo bags to transport or preserve goods. This step helps the company's staff to better understand the customer's requirements and advise quality and appropriate packaging solutions.

Step 2: Confirming the information and sign the contract

After consulting the appropriate type of bulk bags and providing a detailed quote, the customer will finalize the quantity, design, and load of their PP super sacks. This is the basis for quickly solving arising problems, making the production process of PP woven big bags go smoothly and quickly. The more detailed and specific the information exchanged, the more convenient the next step will be.

Step 3: Producing sample jumbo bags

Making samples is an essential step that fibc suppliers need to do for customers before mass production. Once the contract has been signed, EPP Vietnam will proceed to produce the sample in accordance with the agreed requirements. Product samples help customers accurately assess the product, thereby making more appropriate adjustments.

Step 4: Carrying out mass production of jumbo bags

After finalizing the fibc sample from the customer, we will proceed to mass production. This step can take place automatically or semi-automatically, depending on each bulk bag manufacturer. After mass production, EPP Vietnam will check all finished products according to ISO 21898 standard and hand them over to customers. Packaging companies also need to have ISO 9001, ISO 14001... to manufacture quality plastic packaging. 

Step 5: Finish the product and deliver it to the customer

The jumbo bags have been thoroughly inspected, then packed in packages and loaded in containers then shipped to customers. After the shipment and payment according to the terms of the contract. EPP also has a good after-sales policy, helping to improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

We have shared about the process of ordering and manufacturing Jumbo bags at EPP Vietnam. If you are looking for quality big bags with high quality and export standards, please contact EPP at hotline +84986 002 888 for the most detailed advice. You can also visit to view samples before ordering.


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