Weeds absorb nutrients and reduce the fertility of the soil. We will easily encounter weeds in agricultural lands, gardens, fields and even on the ground in greenhouses. Grass and weeds grow very quickly and they are extremely difficult to control if you do not apply timely eradication and removal solutions.
One of the best ways to prevent rapid weed growth is to use agricultural PP ground cover, also known as 'weed control mats'. These landscape fabrics have the main function of covering and protecting the ground from pests and harmful insects. With relatively low cost, Polypropylene weed control fabric can be easily installed, and become more and more popular. When used on mountain slopes, these weed cloths can even prevent soil erosion.

What is agricultural PP ground cover?

Anti-weed mat, or agricultural landscape fabric, is a functional weed-controlling woven fabric specially produced for agriculture, landscaping, and organic farming. The weed mat still ensures water permeates directly into the soil without damaging the fabric while controlling weeds and stabilizing the soil. Anti-weed cloth is made of 100% PP with UV stabilizer to prolong life during direct sunlight exposure.

Advantages of agricultural PP ground cover.

Weed barriers are lightweight, easy to install, easy to fold and spread, adhere firmly to the ground, and resistant to tearing and weed penetration, making them an excellent cost-effective solution. 

Limit insects and harmful animals:

The black color of the anti-weed mat has the effect of reflecting sunlight, therefore,  it provides more light for plants to easily photosynthesize and repel aphids and mealybugs. The smooth canvas surface is not convenient for rats to crawl in. As a result, vegetable products are less damaged at the fruit-harvesting stage such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and cove beans if planted with tall trellises.

Limit disease:

Anti-grass fabric isolates plant pathogens from the soil. The PP ground cover surface dries quickly after rain, so the tree trunk and leaves are always dry and diseases are limited.

Weed control and Regulate soil moisture and keep fertilizers:

The black ground fabric will prevent maximum sunlight from reaching the ground, causing the grass seeds to die under and not be able to germinate into weeds. Therefore, the farmer will not need to remove weeds for a long time. A woven weed mat also prevents evaporation, and retains moisture well, significantly reducing watering work. The fabric prevents the evaporation of nitrogenous fertilizers (Urea) and the leaching of fertilizers during watering or heavy rain. The absorption of nutrients N, P, K, Ca, Mg from the roots of plants using mulch is 1.4-1.5 times higher than that of bare ground (no anti-weed mat).

Increase soil temperature and Increase crop yield

The PP weed barrier keeps the ground warm at night, especially in the cold season or in rainy weather without sunshine causing the roots are poorly developed. In addition, the ground cover helps maintain the soil temperature, making the roots develop stably, and the plants grow healthy. Because the weed control barrier provides more light for the tree and helps the color of the fruit skin to be beautiful. Furthermore, the fruit does not come into contact with the ground, thereof, it is clean at a higher price, and the rate of fruit removal is also low.

EPP Vietnam shared with you the advantages of agricultural PP ground cover. If you are looking for a high-quality PP weed control mat at a competitive price, please contact EPP immediately to receive detailed advice and a quotation.

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