Fibc bulk bags with fully belted loops and information you need to know

Fibc Bulk bags with fully belted loops are specially designed for storing and transporting heavy goods. With a specialized design, big bags can transport different kinds of bulk goods without breaking or during transportation. If your business is in need of this high-end packaging bag, please follow this article immediately. EPP Vietnam will help you better understand this type of fibc bags in this article.

The special structure of Fibc bulk bags with fully belted loops 

After a period of struggling to overcome the pandemic, many businesses have returned to work to boost the economy. This helps the market for raw materials as well as goods storage packaging become more prosperous. Especially jumbo bags - a type of heavy-duty packaging used in all different industries.

The explosion of e-commerce will increase the need for delivery to improve the packaging to increase the safety of goods storage by 3 to 5 times. Facing the positive developments in the packaging market, EPP Vietnam has launched high-quality Fibc bulk bags with fully belted loops.

The top

Similar to standard bulk bags, super sacks with fully belted loops are also designed with top parts to suit the needs of users as well as stored goods. Specifically, depending on the product contained and the packing method, the Fibc bulk bags with fully belted loops are designed with a filling skirt or filling spout.

The body

The body of FIBC bags has a common fabric weight for all types of bags such as baffle bag fibc, and discharge bottom bulk bag, from 140g/m2 to 220g/m2. Depending on the product contained, the pp fabric can be coated or uncoated or inserted with a fibc liner. Normally, jumbo bags are usually produced with a tubular body to facilitate transportation.

The bottom

The pp bulk bags are designed with a closed bottom or a discharge bottom. If the goods are in liquid form or in small pieces, the bottom of the bag will be designed with a discharge spout to facilitate the quick discharge of goods from the bag. Moreover, the bottom spout will be reinforced with a star closure to ensure the safest and most convenient.

The loops

Fibc bulk bags with fully belted loops usually have a belt system along the body that goes around the bottom of the bag. High-quality, sturdy material helps the belt to withstand loads from 500kg - 2000kg without breaking thanks to its 8 - 10cm wide structure.

After running along the body of the bag, the protruding loops will form 4 lifting loops or 2 lifting loops depending on the needs of the users. With the large loop system designed along the body and around the bottom of the bag, the belt system can support the entire body of the bag. Therefore, this is a very strong bulk bag wholesale.

Advantages of Fibc bulk bags with fully belted loops

The most prominent advantage of the jumbo bags with fully belted loops is the extremely environmentally friendly material to the green industry. Jumbo packaging is made from Polypropylene (pp), a highly durable material often used in plastic engineering or packaging, weaving... Therefore, pp bulk bags can be designed into many products of different sizes.

The most special bag is the baffle bag to well preserve the goods inside without being deformed. The bag can have 2 or 4 lifting straps, making it easy and simple to transport 2 tons of goods by forklift or pallet. Compared to other types of bulk containers on the market, jumbo bags are affordable.

Moreover, depending on the type of goods and the safety factor, FIBC bulk bags with fully belted loops can be recycled many times, saving a considerable budget. When not in use, businesses can fold the jumbo packaging neatly into a corner without taking up too much space.

Buying FIBC bulk bags with fully belted loops at EPP Vietnam

If you are looking for a company that provides quality jumbo bags at a low price for long-term cooperation, EPP Vietnam is a perfect choice. Here you can own quality products that meet ISO 9001. All products are tested for quality before launching to serve customers.

Facing the positive developments in the packaging market, EPP VietNam also plans to expand production and business. EPP is manufacturing and supplying type A, B, and C pp super sacks. Our products have a clear origin, and excellent quality with many types to choose from.

In conclusion, customers have learned about the structure as well as the great advantages of FIBC bulk bags with fully belted loops. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you understand more about the product as well as the leading fibc supplier to provide the best quality FIBC bags at the best price. For any information, please contact hotline +84986 002 888 for the most detailed advice.


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