What is the structure of big bags of rice for export

Vietnamese rice exporters have great opportunities to dominate the Southeast Asian market in particular and the world in general. Therefore, the demand for big bags of rice has also increased thanks to their large size and diverse designs.

So what standards should jumbo bags for rice meet? Customers can join EPP Vietnam to learn about the specifications of jumbo bags for exporting rice?

Why should you use big bags of rice for export?

Using FIBC bags for rice helps the process of packing goods quickly thanks to the filling and discharge spout. In addition, the bag is designed with lifting loops to lift and move bulk bags in the warehouse, stack on top of each other to save warehouse space. The size and load capacity of the pp bulk bags is suitable from 500kg - 2000kg.

Pallets or bags' lifting straps will make transporting and unloading goods easier. In particular, the specially designed discharge spout below the bag also supports the process of discharging tiny rice grains quickly. To protect the goods from moisture, the jumbo bag company will put a FIBC liner inside the bag or cover the bag with an extra layer of PP resin.

Because of its outstanding advantages in size, weight, and design, PP super sack is suitable for many types of goods and transportation. As a result, jumbo bags are increasingly used in agriculture in general and rice export in particular.

Size of big bags of rice packed for export in containers

When exporting, packaging needs to meet international standards, therefore, Bulka bags also require their own standards. Nowadays, to export goods to foreign countries, loading super sacks are used by many businesses in packing, storing, transporting, and packing goods into containers because of their convenience, speed, and cost savings.

- Standard 20 feet container has dimensions:  6m x 2.43m x 2.59m. This container is usually shipped by sea.

- Standard 40 feet container dimension is 12,032m x 2,350m x 2,392m. As a widely used type, the 40-foot container length will usually be twice that of the 20-foot container.

- HC container has the same width and length as standard 20-foot and 40-foot containers, but with a height of 2,585m.

Terms and conditions for big bags of rice for export

Rice jumbo bags can be loaded onto large vessels or into standard 20-foot Containers. Therefore, the minimum load of bulk bags is from 500kg - 1000kg. In addition, FIBC bags must also ensure safety standards and protect goods from environmental impacts, therefore, they must be coated with PP resin.

Before exporting, the fibc packaging will be inspected by the fibc manufacturers, about the quantity, and weight specified or agreed upon by the buyer. The results on weight, and quantity of the bulk bags will be supplied to the customer to confirm about the quality.

Choosing big bags of rice for export at EPP Vietnam

The jumbo bags of rice for export at EPP Vietnam are manufactured according to industry standards to ensure that they are suitable for transporting rice.

FIBC bulk bags are manufactured in clean room conditions using modern cutting and sewing equipment. All food-grade fibc products have to undergo rigorous quality checks to eliminate the risk of contamination.

In conclusion, customers have read an article sharing the structure of big bags of rice for export. If you need to use jumbo bags, please contact EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd at hotline 0986 002 888 for the most detailed advice.

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