How are industrial super sacks lifted

Do you know how industrial super sacks are lifted? Jumbo bags are heavy-duty packaging that can store goods from 500kg - 2 tons, so they cannot be moved by human power but require the support of other devices. Therefore, FIBC bags often have 2 or 4 extra loops on the top to make handling and transporting more convenient and easier. Readers, please follow our article to understand how to lift and transport FIBC bulk bags.

How are industrial super sacks lifted?

Fibc bags are considered a perfect packaging solution for agricultural and industrial goods because of their large load capacity and diverse designs. This type of jumbo sacks is used in industry to carry and store a variety of minerals and building materials.

For agriculture, fibc bulk bags are considered as a companion to bring rice and other agricultural products to export abroad. Despite having the advantage of being environmentally friendly materials, the variety of bags is suitable for many types of goods inside. However, because the load is too large, the transportation and extension of PP woven bags are also a problem that causes many businesses a headache.

The industrial super sacks are lifted by a forklift

The most effective solution for lifting jumbo bags is using forklifts and pallets. The forklift is specialized for lifting goods packed into jumbo bags. They are mainly used in rice processing plants, sugar factories, and food manufacturing companies.

The forklift for PP super sacks is a standard forklift equipped with a special working set used to hook the loops of the jumbo bag. After that, the worker will control the forklift to move and stack bags as required. A standard forklift with the only requirement being a highly raised frame to accommodate as many goods as they can. The bulk bags are hooked onto the hooks of the forklift and raised to the desired height.

A few businesses that want a more specialized device usually install a crane hook to both conveniently pick up jumbo bags and lift more bags than a standard forklift.

How to use a forklift to handle industrial super sacks

Normally, the crane hook is installed on electric forklifts with a load of about 3-5 tons. To lift and transport jumbo bags, businesses can follow the following process.

- Place jumbo bags on pallets and use a forklift to lift them.

- Use the forks to hook onto the jumbo straps and lift them.

- Install additional crane hooks to lift the bulk bags - the forklift has a crane hook.

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Using industrial super sacks not only helps businesses save money on buying many other types of packaging. At the same time, the large packaging load also helps businesses improve productivity. Therefore, there are now many companies that provide quality fibc products. EPP Vietnam is a leading company trusted by many customers because of its guaranteed product quality and professional service.

Bulk bags wholesale are trusted and now popular throughout the country. Furthermore, they bring users great benefits from packing goods for storage or transport for export.

Inconsistencies in the quality and production techniques of big bags for storage can adversely affect your business. Therefore, EPP's top priority is to provide consistently high-quality packaging. At EPP, effective quality control is carried out at every step of design and production. Every product that leaves our factory is rigorously tested against multiple parameters to ensure the best quality.

Jumbo bags have a specific safe working load of 500-2000kg (SWL 2000 lbs) and a factor of safety (SF 5:1) indicating the maximum weight the bag can carry and how many times it can be reused. If the number is not marked correctly or the FIBC bag with SWL/SF is not suitable for your product there will be serious consequences.

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Currently, there are too many bulk bags manufacturers on the market. This makes customers feel bewildered and worried about which address to choose so that the product has a suitable price and committed quality. 

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