What's new in the 2022 fibc packaging market? 

What's new in the fibc packaging market in 2022 is the information that many businesses are interested in choosing the best packaging solution. While things have been back to normal since early 2021, more than two years later, the far-reaching impact of COVID-19 continues to affect global supply chains.

Nearly every aspect of society still struggles to balance supply and demand, including the jumbo bag industry. Readers, please follow EPP Vietnam to learn about the fluctuations of the fibc manufacturers after fighting the pandemic.

Updating the fibc packaging market in 2022

Because the situation of goods trading has just started to return to the racetrack, there will be orders that arrive late. But professional businesses understand that this is just the calm before the storm. Over the next few months, they expect to see orders increase – putting additional pressure on delivery times and availability.

In addition, the Ukraine-Russia conflict also is one of the factors that negatively affect the flow of goods and services. Unfortunately, the overall outlook for the bulk bag market for 2022 looks similar to 2021 in terms of both price increases.

Prices will continue to rise

When Russia first invaded Ukraine, no one could have predicted how long the conflict would last – or how devastating the outcome would be for the rest of the world. But as the invasion continued day by day, the economic impact became more apparent.

World petroleum prices continue to rise and become unstable, directly impacting sea freight rates. In addition, this increase in oil prices also has a downward effect on the price of plastics, as crude oil is the main raw material in plastic production. As a result, this increases the cost of bulk bags. Because this line of bags has the main material made from polypropylene.

Packaging prices soar with increasing packaging and shipping costs across the market. It is uncertain when we will return to the “normal pace” of the flow of goods – both raw materials and finished products.

The lead time will continue to stretch

Leading times remain protracted and inconsistent across most industries. Manufacturers cannot manufacture products because they cannot obtain the necessary raw materials.

Even with finished goods ready to ship, an increase in demand, the unpredictability of shipping schedules, rising oil prices, labor shortages, limited shipping space, and many other related problems continue to put pressure on already overcrowded ports. These shipping delays directly affect delivery times...

EPP Vietnam makes the 2022 fibc packaging market bustling again

The first thing you can do to correct this market shortfall is to be as proactive as possible. Customers also should plan to purchase fibc bags as soon as possible to compensate for long queue times and avoid rushing additional fees. It is important to cooperate with the manufacturer of the highest quality bulk bags.

Consider using off-the-shelf packaging options instead of custom packaging. As one of the largest jumbo packaging suppliers in the country, EPP Vietnam has been working hard to double product volume by early 2022 to assist customers in meeting their jumbo packaging needs in the near future in this tumultuous time.

EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing jumbo bags with a capacity of 500kg - 2 tons. The product is very suitable for storing industrial goods that are harmful to human health such as plastic beads, rubber...

In addition, the product can still be used to preserve products such as rice or pharmaceuticals. With a reputation through 16 years of practice, EPP - Vietnam Co., Ltd. confidently affirms that each product we make will have a longer lifespan. 

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