The dangers of using poor quality pp super sacks

PP super sacks are types of large-capacity packaging used to store and transport many different types of goods. It is important that the packaging has a direct contact and great influence on the quality. Therefore, if businesses use poor-quality jumbo bags, they will not be safe in terms of safety and reduce the value of the product. Customers can refer to the article to fully understand the dangers of using unqualified bulk bags.

Mistakes in choosing poor quality PP super sacks

Quality FIBC packaging is critical to product packaging performance and safety. Poor quality packaging can lead to breakage or tearing during the loading and unloading process. If the big bag is not suitable, it will not guarantee the integrity of the product from the time of production to use.

Choosing poor quality food packaging bags

Heavy-duty jumbo bags used to store milk powder or a variety of foods need a safety factor of 5:1 or 6:1. Fine powdered foods are also packed in lined super sacks or coated foodgrade bulk bags to limit moisture. Therefore, if many "cheap" businesses buy poor-quality PP super sacks to store food, it is extremely harmful.

Jumbo packaging made from raw materials of unknown origin, without quality assurance will have toxins and chemicals that are easily absorbed into the food. Especially the low-quality FIBC bags used to store or transport for export will lose the nutritional value of the product. This is the cause of the great loss of money and time.

Poor quality packaging affects human health

Poor quality packaging will also cause the product to smell, degrade, or some chemicals to melt and stick to food during use. Specifically for big bags of rice, if you choose the packaging that is not guaranteed, it will no longer keep the original taste.

Rice grains packed in low-quality jumbo packaging will be degraded. The toxins from rice grains will go deep into our bodies. If toxic plastic BPA is in our body, it will have a high probability of causing a dangerous disease, even cancer.

Serious impact on the environment

Currently, the environment is one of the issues that the whole society is concerned about. One of the leading environmental impact factors today is packaging. Poor quality PP super sacks have very low biodegradability in nature. It takes decades for plastic bags to decompose, and the impact of plastic packaging when it soaks into the soil or drifts into the sea causes very serious consequences.

Packaging affects the environment by floating in the water, making it difficult to breathe for marine species or get into the soil due to decades of non-biodegradable existence.

Currently, although jumbo bags for sale cause great damage to the environment because a more suitable and convenient material has not been found. Every year, people waste thousands and hundreds of tons of packaging, especially single-use plastic bags around the world. Packaging discharged into the environment causes severe consequences for the natural ecosystem, the lives of animals and plants, and affects human health.

Buying quality Pp super sacks at EPP Vietnam

Understanding the harmful effects of poor quality packaging on the environment, EPP Vietnam always tries to bring customers the best quality packaging products. In particular, the research staff is always trying to create highly improved packaging models that are environmentally soun

d, and better degradable to help protect the environment.

EPP jumbo bags made from 100% virgin polypropylene are extremely durable. FIBC packaging products are always focused on production with the criteria of sustainable and environmentally friendly products. The plastic chemicals used to produce bulk bags of safe and healthy origin are more degradable than other packaging products on the market.

The technologies used to produce PP bulk bags are rigorously and thoroughly tested, requiring high requirements to create packaging products that are safe for consumers' health as well as the environment

Above is an article about the dangers of using poor-quality PP super sacks. EPP always strives to become the leading packaging supplier in Vietnam. Please contact hotline +84986 002 888 for the most detailed advice.


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