Food grade bulk bags and some notes for food processing businesses

Food safety is always a matter of concern to consumers. This also puts a lot of pressure on food processing businesses. Therefore, when packing foodstuff, businesses always choose suitable packaging to limit spillage or contamination that affects product quality. Food-grade bulk bags with filling and discharge spout are the most preferred choice for handling bulk foodstuff.

Notes when choosing food grade bulk bags

When it comes to storing and transporting food products, choosing the right jumbo bag is extremely important. If you do not choose the exact packaging for your food ingredients, there is a risk of food contamination.

To avoid such troubles, you need to find a certified and experienced FIBC manufacturer. High quality packaging can ensure your food products are safe during storage and transportation. That's why you should choose clean big bags for food from EPP Vietnam.

EPP Vietnam is a leading fibc supplier with international standard packaging solutions ensuring no outside agents can contaminate your food. Our jumbo packaging is one of the most efficient and economical solutions for storing and transporting foods.

FIBC bags have a variety of designs

Foodgrade bulk bags have many types, suitable for different categories of products. Customers can choose from a variety of designs such as  u panel fibc bag, 4 Panel FIBC, baffle big bags. Foodstuff with different textures and consistency has different handling requirements.

Customers can also choose between PP-coated big bags or lined super sacks to prevent fine powdered foods from moisture from the outside environment. Before choosing jumbo bags, customers need to consider the construction of food grade bulk bags carefully.

You need to select the appropriate filling and bottom designs of big bags carefully for easy loading and unloading goods. Some foods need to be loaded with a filling spout or a duffle top with a tie. For unloading, you also need to consider the best way to unload your foodstuff from an FIBC bag. Some popular options for discharge are filling spouts with star or petal closure or Pyjama base. 

Bulk bags with many outstanding features

Food products such as fresh produce may require breathable packaging. Other products such as flour or salt may require coated fabric or a Poly liner to prevent moisture ingress. Bulk bags suppliers always suggest to customers to store food safely without contamination with a PE liner.

You can also choose clean FIBCs that are sewn with leak-proof thread to prevent leakage of fine powder products. The supplier uses 100% virgin plastic to produce the food-grade big bags, ensuring there is nothing in the plastic that could contaminate your foodstuff.

How to buy food grade bulk bags at EPP Vietnam?

As for human consumption, Food grade bulk bags are made to undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure their safety standards. All of our jumbo packaging is manufactured according to international standards. Therefore, customers can rest assured about the safety of our jumbo bags.

EPP Vietnam manufactures all the jumbo bags in an extremely hygienic environment, ensuring that they do not add any further contamination to your food during storage or transportation. If you want to buy super sacks bags at EPP, you can do it in the following ways.

  • Option 1: Contact Ms. Vera: +84 962 055 998 or Ms. Charlie: +84 986 002 888 for advice on suitable products and the most detailed quotation.

  • Option 2: Visit Website: to view product samples. The specifications and prices are also listed by the company on the Website.

  • Option 3: If you want to review the product, you can visit the company's headquarters at Central Lake 1 Building, Aqua Bay, Ecopark, Van Giang District, Hung Yen Province, Vietnam.

Hopefully, our sharing will help you better understand the notes when buying Food grade bulk bags and choose the best place to buy jumbo bags. Please contact EPP immediately at hotline +84 986 002 888 or visit to find the most suitable product.


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