3 reasons why you should choose baffle bag

Baffle bag is widely used for transporting and storing different kinds of products. Whether it is agricultural products, fresh produce, fertilizers or chemicals, cement, or sand. The super sacks wholesale are specially designed so that when fully loaded, the bag will not swell but keep the square shape. EPP Vietnam will help you better understand baffle bag fibc with their benefits and reasons you should choose them.

Find out what is baffle bag

Baffle fibc bags are the best choice for the limited storage space. These bags are built with baffles at the corners which help them to retain their square shape even when being filled to full capacity.

The Q bag also has a strong outer layer that protects the bag from damage, leakage, and spillage. Thanks to their shape, formstable bulk bags save limited storage space and reduce transportation costs by about 30% compared to traditional packaging. Baffle bag is mainly used for transporting and storing agricultural products, some chemicals, and minerals.

Baffle jumbo bags are used to preserve agricultural products from exposure to moisture in the air. They are also used to store some chemicals in powder form.

Advantages of baffle bag

The Q bag is diverse in design and dimension to meet the requirements of customers. There are also many special features with a capacity from 1000kg-2000kg or more.

Baffle big bags are often used to prevent leakage only for granular and powdered products. In addition, the FIBC is also used to pack products such as chemicals, food, grains, beans, cement, and minerals. However, some units operating in environments including combustible vapors and charged substances should choose the special super sacks.

The additional feature of form-stable bags is to help enhance the structural integrity of the packaging. This helps them to better keep their block shape after being loaded with cargo. This design makes the bags less 'bulky', and easier to fill, store or stack.

Where to buy quality baffle bags?

Where to buy quality baffle bag fibc is what many businesses producing granular and fine powdered goods are interested in. Finding an address that supplies quality Q bags is especially important. There are many jumbo bag companies on the market that provide baffled Jumbo bags, but not all of them can satisfy customers with quality.

EPP is the fibc supplier you can put your full trust in to buy high-quality Q baffle bags. With many years of experience in the field of manufacturing jumbo packaging, we have built a strong foothold in the market and become a trusted address of customers.

Hopefully, the information shared above helps readers understand the advantages and applications of baffle bag. We really hope that our sharing will help you choose the best place to buy bulk bags. Please contact EPP immediately at hotline +84 986 002 888 or visit https://epp.vn/ to find the most suitable product.

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