5 reasons you should use u panel fibc bag

Whether your business is in agricultural products, building materials, chemicals, or plastics, you need a strong, efficient packaging solution to help you store and transport your products safely without contamination. At this point, the u panel fibc bag is a good candidate for the ease, safety and cost savings of loading or transporting goods that cannot be matched by other traditional packagings!

5 reasons you should use u panel fibc bag

Ensuring that your goods reach your customers undamaged and well maintained will help you make an impression on your customers and increase profits.

Jumbo bags are known for a number of capabilities, such as transporting hazardous materials, preventing static electricity, and weighing up to 2000kg. Due to these capabilities and their size, u panel bulk bags must be handled with care to ensure the safety of the product and the person handling these Jumbo bags.

High strength and large working load

U panel bulk bags are manufactured by using a long piece to make two sides (forming a U shape) and one bottom. Then use 2 more pieces of the same size as the sides to sew together.

The tubular jumbo bag is designed with a tubular fabric body, usually sewn on a square base. As there is no seam on the body of this bag, this creates a more aesthetically pleasing packaging with only a top and bottom piece sewn into the bag. Tubular or circular fibc bags are great for fine and small materials.

Storing goods in the safest way

All equipment used in the process of filling, lifting and transporting u panel fibc bags should be ensured that they are not damaged. Ensuring this is critical to product and worker safety.

Any damage to the big bags could cause the product to be spilled leading to waste. Other equipment such as cranes and forklifts need good maintenance. Besides, customers can use jumbo bags made from woven coated polypropylene (PP) to improve waterproofing ability as well as preserve the best product.

Environmental Protection

The impact of plastic on the environment is really huge. Plastic products like plastic bags can take 15 to 1,000 years to decompose. We can assume that plastic bags even turn into giant landfills. Of the 100 billion plastic shopping bags that people use every year, only about 1% are recycled. As a result, plastic bags seriously affect the ecosystem.

Buying quality, cheap u panel fibc bag at EPP Vietnam

EPP VietNam is a unit with more than 10 years of experience in the field of packaging products. We constantly improve the functions and uses of products. Understanding the needs of businesses looking for convenient, easy-to-recycle packaging solutions at an affordable price, we bring you high-quality U-panel bulk bags.

- Genuine product, excellent quality.

- Diversity of models. Absolutely safe for users.

- Affordable price, long warranty.

- You will be consulted about the exact fibc bags and suitable loafing weight for the purpose of use.

- And many other outstanding advantages.

Above is information about the difference between the u panel fibc bag and tubular jumbo bags. Hope the above information will help you find a place that sells this reputable product. For any information that needs advice or to buy products, you can visit: https://epp.vn/ or contact us directly at the address at the end of the article.

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