Why should businesses choose pp woven bag for rice at EPP Vietnam

Moisture-proof, waterproof, and better preservation are the outstanding advantages of PP woven bag for rice. The FIBC bag is a specialized bag that facilitates the movement of special goods efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.

This type of bulk bags is manufactured from woven polypropylene, which is sewn into a variety of designs to form a large and sturdy packaging. If you are wondering to choose a jumbo bag from which business, please refer to this article to know why businesses should choose big bags for rice at EPP Vietnam.

Features of PP woven bag for rice at EPP

Jumbo bags are designed to store and transport dry, flowable products, such as sand, fertilizer, and even rice. Our EPP Polypropylene women bags of rice are made from 100% virgin materials with low static electricity and high dirt resistance. PP is a material known for its outstanding property of being less susceptible to environmental influences.

With high durability and flexibility, these bags can efficiently pack, store and transport goods for long periods of time. Woven bulk bag for rice offers the benefit of thoroughly protecting goods from the harmful effects of the sun. EPP's woven polypropylene bulka bags comply with FDA and USDA recommendations by providing protection from water vapor, dirt, and moisture.

These highly durable heavy-duty super sacks clearly become the first choice for bulk goods that require special handling during storage and transportation.

The PE liner and PP lamination have heat-resistant and antibacterial effects, creating a special packaging that does not absorb water and contaminants, which is very useful in food storage and transportation.

It is scientifically designed to help preserve extremely heavy materials. These Woven Polypropylene Bags are also available in coated and uncoated versions. The thickness of the woven PP bulk bag increases its weight holding capacity.

Why should businesses choose pp woven bag for rice at EPP Vietnam?

EPP is an expert in manufacturing custom bulk bags according to the customer's needs and requirements. We specialize in the production of jumbo bags that are made strong with lamination to enhance the quality of the product.

EPP Vietnam is a world-class supplier of FIBC bags, we have been trusted by many businesses for providing the best quality PP woven bags. Specially designed woven big bags can be used to pack food grains, and agricultural products such as rice, and corn.

Packaging design according to customer requirements

To design packaging according to customers' specific requirements, a knowledgeable team about FIBC bags is needed. We have the experience and know-how to manufacture suitable products quickly, accurately, and at an attractive price. Especially, our highly qualified technical staff always cultivate knowledge to understand what customers need and want.

Ready to produce bulk orders

Understanding the needs of businesses, EPP is always ready to produce bulk orders to meet urgent orders. We maintain the highest standards at our manufacturing facilities both domestic and abroad, keeping quality at a premium level. Our entire supply chain, from design and production to delivery is efficient and streamlined.

That is our sharing advantages of jumbo bags and the reasons why businesses should choose pp woven bag for rice at EPP Vietnam. If you want to buy bulk fibc bags, please pick up the phone and call us at +84 986 002 888 for detailed advice.

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