Experience in buying suitable jumbo bags for your applications

Currently, there are many types of jumbo bags with different safe working loads and dimensions on the market. However, to buy the right FIBC bag for your application is not easy if you do not understand its uses.

PP bulk bags are special flexible packaging with a large load to pack and transport export goods, therefore, choosing quality products is even more important. You can follow this article to refer to the experience in buying suitable big bags that suits your needs.

Experience in choosing suitable jumbo bags 

FIBC packaging is a specialized bag for goods with a large load to serve import and export needs. Therefore, FIBC is made from extremely durable PP plastic. Moreover, the thickness of the fabric makes the bag stronger and more durable during use.

Choosing the correct type of fibc bags for your applications 

Choosing the right type of super sacks for sale for your needs helps to better preserve the products during long-distance transportation. There are many big bags for storage in different sizes to carry different types of goods.

- Top and bottom spout Big bag: The Spout top and discharge bottom PP woven jumbo bags usually have a square body that will be coated with an additional layer of PP glue, or sewn with anti-leakage thread or nested with a PE liner. Jumbo sacks are always sewn with 4 lifting loops for easy packing and handling bags.

- Q bag: This type of bulk bags has the same structure as the FIBC with a filling spout and discharge spout. The special thing is that there are 4 baffle panels connecting 4 corners of the bag, keeping the bag from bulging after being filled. The biggest note is that the baffle fibc bag cannot have a Poly liner.

- Duffle top jumbo bags: This type of FIBC has a top sewn with a high tube of the same size as the body of the bag called a skirt cover. On the body of the duffle top, there is also sewn a tie to close it after filling the goods. Duffle top bags are used to store granular products, blocks, or other small bags.

Choosing suitable jumbo bags according to the working loads of the bag

Bulk bags have a load capacity of 500kg - 2000kg depending on the type of goods being packed and the requirements of the customer. Normally, 1 ton jumbo bags are chosen by many customers to store bulk goods. The product is a great choice when you need bags to transport large, long-distance packages.

The common dimension of the fibc product is 90x90x130cm. Jumbo bags 1000kg are manufactured with modern technology, and closed production lines from high-quality PP. The product has outstanding moisture resistance, electrical insulation, heat insulation, and water resistance.

Choosing jumbo packaging by price

Depending on the supplier, size or design, PP super sacks have different prices. On the market, prices usually range from $2,7 to about $4.5 per bag. If your business buys in bulk, the price will be much cheaper.

Buying jumbo bags at EPP Vietnam

If you are wondering where to buy suitable fibc packaging with the lowest price, please refer to EPP Vietnam's products. Here you can own international quality products. All of our products are tested for quality before being released to the market. When buying products from EPP Vietnam, you also enjoy many attractive incentives.

- Stable quality, competitive price, and professional service.

- Provide a variety of types A, B, C bulk bags with clean food standards, ventilated bags for agricultural products, and firewood.

- Products are guaranteed according to ISO standards

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