EPP Vietnam provides cheap and quality u panel fibc bag

U panel fibc bag is a special kind of industrial packaging, which has grown strongly and gradually gained popularity in recent years. The bag can be sewn normally or sewn overlock with siftproof, depending on customer requirements. The bag is usually designed with a U-panel body to strengthen the bottom of the bag and withstand large loads as it doesn't have to sew the bottom. Readers, please follow the article to buy cheap and quality U-panel bulk bags.

What special features does the u panel fibc bag have?

In addition to the quality of the goods, the packaging also plays an important role in the production, distribution, and marketing of products to the market. For export goods, the transport and preservation function of plastic packaging is very important.

Especially if the goods have to go a long way to reach the final consumer in the target market. Therefore, exporters should pay attention to the following features of U-panel jumbo bags during transportation.

- Suitable for means of transport (ships, planes, trucks, containers)

- Have the right dimension for easy storage on pallets or in containers

- Meet the requirements of durability, toughness to withstand impact, pull, push during storage, loading and unloading, and transportation by sea, air as well as road.

- Suitable for changing climates and weather on different continents

- Ensure the product protection feature of the packaging so that the product does not become smelly, moldy, or damaged

Structure of U-panel bulk bags

The U-panel big bag is made up of a long piece sewn together with two short pieces forming a U shape. The U-panel FIBC is an industry-standard bag and offers the benefits of sturdiness and stackability and economy. The product has the advantage that after filling it still maintains its square shape.

The U-panel super sack has the bottom and two sides of the same piece so it can distribute the weight more evenly and increase the strength of the bag. The U-panel bag has a safety factor of 5:1 and reaches a normal working load from 500kg to over 2,000kg, which is convenient for transporting heavy materials.

The seamless tubular body is also ideal for storing materials without the use of an inner liner.

EPP Vietnam provides cheap and quality u panel fibc bag

On the market, there are many units providing U-panel bags. However, to buy products with good quality and cheap price, EPP VietNam is always the first choice of many customers. We are specializing in providing prestigious jumbo packaging that is trusted by many customers.

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Here you can own quality products that meet ISO 9001. All bulk bags wholesale are tested for quality before launching to serve customers. In addition, EPP also supports different payment methods, free samples, and consultants to find the most suitable super sacks for sale.

Readers have just consulted the article sharing the advantages and suppliers of cheap and quality u panel fibc bag. Furthermore, EPP offers a variety of bag models with different loads and types. EPP always strives to become the leading packaging supplier in Vietnam. Please kindly contact EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd. at the hotline +84986 002 888 for the most detailed advice.

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