The most popular types of jumbo bags

Jumbo bags also known as FIBC bags, is Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. This line of bags is used to transport a variety of products from cement, soil, sand, ore, lime... to food and grain. They have different sizes and designs depending on their intended use.

Currently, the demand for transporting export goods is increasing, so the bulk bags are increasingly being used. In this article, EPP Vietnam will show readers about the most popular types of jumbo bags.

What are the characteristics of jumbo bags?

High working load, holding a large amount of goods, durability with PP woven material, limiting tearing causing loss of goods. These are the common features of bulk bags. In addition, these bags are made of high-quality materials that can resist UV rays and anti-static, helping preserve goods as well as ensure better safety for workers.

Most of the industrial super sacks have a square and aesthetic design, therefore, it is convenient to store and transport goods. Using FIBC bags can save time in arranging goods and warehouse space for easily counting quantities. In addition, this bag can be reused many times to help businesses save on packaging investment costs.

The most popular types of jumbo bags

To withstand large loads, the dimensions, fabric thickness and loading weight of PP bulk bags are often larger than those of conventional packaging. The safe working load of FIBC bag loads usually ranges from 500kg to over 2 tons. Furthermore, Bulk bags wholesale are transported by forklift. Depending on the products, needs and standards of each customer and export market, the characteristics and structure of PP super sacks will change as follows.

Type A fibc bags have low electrostatic potential

Type A FIBC does not provide static protection. They are made of woven polypropylene (pp woven). Static electricity is generated when the materials rub against the inner surface of the bags as they are filled and emptied.

Because type A big bags have no electrostatic protection, they are not used for storing or transporting flammable materials, or used in flammable or combustible environments.

Type B fibc with capable of low low breakdown voltage

Like type A bulk bags, type B fibc bags do not have any mechanism for dissipating static electricity. The difference is that the type B bags  are made from materials that have a low breakdown voltage to prevent an incident where highly energetic, and dangerous propagating brush discharges occur (PBD).

Although Type B bulk bags can prevent propagating brush discharges, they are not considered anti-static bulk bags because they do not dispel an electrostatic charge. Normal brush discharge may still occur, possibly igniting flammable solvent vapors.

Fibc type C capable of neutralizing the electrode by grounding

Type C fibc bags are conductive or grounded FIBC bags. They were originally made from completely conductive materials. Grounded fibc type C are typically made from non-conductive polypropylene interwoven with conductive carbon yarns in a grid pattern.

The connection between the conductive fibers and the connection to land or ground is important for the safe use of type C bulk bags. As with any manual operation, not ensuring the connection and grounding of fibc type C can be caused by human error.

Type D fibc prevents sparks and discharges

Type D fibc bags are called antistatic bag made from electrostatic protective fabric, designed to prevent the appearance of sparks, brush discharge and propagating brush discharge without the need to connect from the PP woven bags to the ground. Using CROHMIQ fabric to manufacture the cheap antistatic super sacks eliminates the inherent risk of grounding failure that is always present whenever use of Type C big bags (grounded FIBCs).

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