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Big bags company is the top search keyword on social networks. This is not unusual when the customs port is reopened after being strongly impacted by the pandemic. So which company provides jumbo bags to meet the needs of customers? You can find the answer right in this article with us. 

Why should you choose the best big bags company?

Jumbo bags are flexible packaging containers that are used in many industries from agriculture to industry. This is a heavy-duty bag with a large capacity of 500-2000kg with a special structure to suit each product inside. FIBC bags come in a variety of styles and dimensions as well as a variety of special features to suit different needs.

The big bags for storage are made of PP (Polypropylene) plastic material, which is safe for users' health, resistant to high pressure. This type of fibc bag is designed to be transported by forklift. The advantage of using this bag is that the goods can be discharged by the bottom spout under the bag or slitting the bottom. Super sacks are durable products that are worth the money.

Choosing a reputable big bags company will help businesses get quality products. This ensures that your goods are not affected by the environment like other poor quality bags. Industrial super sacks can carry goods many times larger than conventional packaging products, making the transportation process easier and faster, especially saving storage space.

Criteria for evaluating quality big bags company

Choosing a reputable and quality fibc company is something businesses pay great attention to. Therefore, in order to choose a suitable unit, you need to base on the following criteria.

- Jumbo bag company must have factories with high technology for production and modern equipment.

- The bulk bag company must also have a reputation, operating for many years in the packaging industry.

- The human resources team must also have extensive experience with a high sense of responsibility. Especially, the attitude must always be gentle with customers and always support customers in the most enthusiastic way.

- Materials for packaging production must have clear and safe origins and apply a scientific process.

- Finally, product prices must always be listed and made public to customers.

EPP Vietnam – The best quality big bags company today

If you are looking for a jumbo bag company that meets all of the above criteria, you cannot ignore EPP Vietnam. EPP is a reputable and top-quality fibc manufacturer in Vietnam. With many years of experience in the fibc market and modern machinery and equipment, EPP has conquered different large and small businesses.

The fibc products produced by EPP Vietnam are always strictly checked, ensuring that every stage is performed meticulously and delicately, bringing the best quality products. The company is committed to the durability and sharpness of printed colors, ensuring to provide enough quantity required by customers. All orders are contracted, ensuring transparency for both parties.

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