Fibc products creates export momentum to the world

Currently, Vietnam's FIBC industry has achieved impressive growth of 15-20%. Packaging products of Vietnam keep up with world trends, stabilize the domestic consumption market, and export. The growth potential of Vietnam's packaging industry is very large in the coming period.

Many packaging companies are catching growth opportunities by modern machinery lines to improve product quality. EPP Vietnam is one of the jumbo bag company that has changed markedly to create export momentum to the world.

Overview of the fibc industry in Vietnam

In 2021, the picture of the jumbo bags industry is the division of product groups and packaging materials. Consumer goods and healthcare, e-commerce has grown strongly, promoting the demand for flexible packaging such as FIBC products in particular.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, many packaging companies are catching growth opportunities by turning to PP woven big bags, especially in the food industry. As a result, the export business will achieve significant results.

According to statistics of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, by the end of November last year, the country's total import-export turnover reached 602 billion US, officially surpassing the record of 500 billion USD two years ago. Therefore, the jumbo bag industry also has a commensurate growth rate.

With the development of the industry, higher requirements for packaging are placed, not only to ensure that food is well preserved, with a large load, but also to be more convenient and intelligent. Production output of Vietnam's packaging industry has caught up with consumption, exports have started to grow, opening up great opportunities for manufacturing business.

EPP Vietnam improves the quality of fibc products to create export momentum to the world

When talking about the outlook for 2022, more than 80% of experts and businesses believe that the fibc industry will maintain a growth rate, maybe slightly higher than in 2021. Coated PP woven bags are always ready to meet the requirements of the most demanding markets.

At EPP, we have many years experience in the manufacture and export of fibc products designed to satisfy every customer. Our quality certifications and industry lifetime say a lot about our expertise and product standards.

The lack of uniformity in jumbo bag quality and compliance with product specifications can be detrimental to your business. Therefore, EPP providing consistent quality packaging is your top priority

How to buy fibc products at EPP Vietnam

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