Where is the best place to buy U Panel fibc bags

U panel jumbo bags are specially designed to best preserve goods during storage and transportation. Currently, the customs port is expanded to promote import and export trade, the demand for jumbo bags has also increased. If your business also has a need to use this article, then follow the article date below. We will help you better understand the performance of U Panel FIBC Bag and the supplier of the best quality products.

Do you know about U panel fibc bag?

The U panel bulk bag is made up of a long piece sewn together with two short bodies forming a U shape. The U-panel jumbo bag is an industry standard bag design and offers the benefits of durability and stackability. It has the advantage that after filling it still maintains its perpendicular shape.

Structure of U panel bulk bags:

– Body bag: PP woven (polypropylene), U-panel shape coated or uncoated, quantitative from 120g/m2 to 250g/m2 depending on the bag load and the nature of the product contained.

– The top of bag: depending on the product contained and the packing device, the top of the bag can be designed with filling skirt, spout, a 3-side flap or full open.

– The bottom of bag: U-panel Jumbo bags have 2 styles of round bottom or square bottom, usually designed with flat bottom (closed bottom), spout with flap bottom (discharge funnel), pajama bottom (skirt) or can be open bottom completely.

– The loops of bag: U-Panel jumbo bag is designed with 4 U-shaped lifting straps, and can attach 2 hoisting belts.

Advantages of U-panel fibc bags

The U panel bulk bag has the bottom and two sides of the same piece so it can distribute the weight more evenly and increase the strength of the bag. The U panel fibc bag has a safety factor of 5:1 and reaches a normal payload from 500kg to over 2,000kg, which is convenient for transporting heavy materials.

The sides of the round jumbo bag have no seams because it is a cylindrical tube. Round bulk bags take less worker to make, so it's more cost effective . They are ideal bags for products that are often transported or stored in containers that can hold up to 2000kg. The seamless tube body design is also ideal for storing materials without the use of an inner lining.

Where to buy quality U panel fibc bags?

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