Jumbo bags cement is the "trump card" to boost cement exports

The pandemic has slowed down many socioeconomic activities. This is also the main reason for reducing the demand for cement in the country. However, cement exports are showing signs of good growth in key markets. In addition to meeting quantity and quality, super sacks of cement are also considered "trump card" to boost cement export turnover to the global market.

So how does the rate of export cement increase? What are the advantages of jumbo bags to help ensure the development of the construction export industry? Readers, please join us to learn more details in this article to get the best answer.

How does Covid-19 affect the bulk bags cement industry?

Over the years, the jumbo bags industry has made important contributions to the Vietnamese economy. In particular, jumbo bags cement are assessed as a potential manufacturing industry, with opportunities arising from the development of the construction material export industry and the signing of contracts and trade agreements.

FIBC industry is one of the fast-growing industries in the Vietnamese market, with an annual growth rate of 13.4%. For the FIBC industry, the Covid-19 pandemic that broke out in early 2020 has had both positive and negative impacts based on tremendous changes. The sharp increase in the epidemic has caused significant disruption to the jumbo bag industry due to the closure of customs and restrictions on trade.

In terms of product groups, consumer goods and healthcare products, e-commerce has grown strongly, promoting industries such as pharmaceuticals and super sacks of foods. Most specifically, according to statistics from the Ministry of Construction, the export volume of cement is about 27.23 million tons, up 12% over the same period last year.

Bulk bags cement "trump card" to boost cement exports

The country's cement consumption is affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. With the implementation of social distancing in many places, the transportation of goods is difficult and congested.

Facing these difficulties, businesses must find the best solution to store and transport export cement to ensure the best quality. After many testing processes, super sacks of cement are the brightest candidates chosen by many businesses.

Outstanding advantages of jumbo bags cement

Super sacks of cement or jumbo bag cement is considered one of the most cost-effective packaging solutions, ideal for transporting and storing packaged goods such as cement, rice, plastic granules, tapioca … at ports or for export.

Products are commonly used in the export market of high-grade cement with high economic value. The packaging of this line is lined and uses only the best quality anti-scratch wick to conquer the potential export market.

Jumbo bags are woven from PP plastic beads, so they often have high mechanical strength. These properties are the main advantages that help the packaging to withstand loads as high as 2000kg of rice without tearing or stretching too much. Using this line of FIBC bags helps to prevent adverse conditions during transportation and reduce the total cost of freight.

The loops system is sewn fixed to the position of the bottom, the width and length of the belt is selected in accordance with the load of the container. Convenient for long-distance transportation, loading and unloading goods does not affect the quality of the product inside.

Jumbo bags promote cement exports

FIBC bags with many different designs such as jumbo bags, FIBC bulk bag with duffle top and discharge bottom or baffle bags, make packing and transporting rice more convenient and faster. In particular, rice jumbo bags are affordable as well as easy to recycle, so cost savings are extremely feasible.

Based on the growth rate of volume and turnover, the average export value of this item is much higher. Specifically, the first months of 2022 reached about 41.8 USD/ton while in the same period in 2021 it was 38.5 USD/ton. Since then, Vietnam's cement export activities are having high growth.

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Jumbo bags cement in the export market