Bulk bags of compost - the solution for every farmer

Agriculture is the main economic sector of the Vietnamese people. Extreme weather conditions make the soil arider, therefore, adding more nutrients is a prerequisite. Fertilizer becomes a strategy to help the agricultural industry grow stronger. As a result, choosing Bulk bags of compost is considered the perfect solution for every farmer to save money. In this article, we will help you learn more about the demand for big bags for storage as well as the best supplier of this packaging.

The demand for Bulk bags of compost

Compost is a widely used fertilizer in agriculture 4.0. This type of fertilizer not only helps to improve crop yields but also does not adversely affect the ecological environment and humans. This is why fertilizers are contained in jumbo bags of compost to keep them in their best condition.

As a result, choosing Bulk bags of compost is considered the perfect solution for every farmer to save money.

The super sacks wholesale is made of a special material that is waterproof to protect the product from the environment. In addition, this bag line has a large capacity of up to 2 tons to store enough compost for a large farm. Most especially, the FIBC bag has a bottom discharge spout that creates a quick filling and discharging process and saves a lot of time.

Advantages of Bulk bags of compost

Big bag compost or bulk bags of compost are flexible packaging products that safely store dry and bulk materials weighing up to 2000kg or even more. Thanks to their strength and mechanical properties, these bags are considered a strong packaging solution for storing and transporting bulk goods for longer periods of time.

FIBC bags are made of coated polypropylene fabric with different sizes and loading weights depending on customer requirements. Polypropylene yarns are resistant to microorganisms, mice, moths, insects, pests, and bacteria.

Since PP is a plastic material that has high flexibility, therefore, they are widely used in the fibc market. This type of bulk bag compost is also eco-friendly as it can be recycled, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Product name

FIBC bulk bags

Product type

Bulk bags of compost


900lx900wx1200h (+/- 15mm) 

Body fabric

PP woven fabric + Anti UV + coated inside + 178g / m2

Safety factor



EPP VietNam – fibc manufacturers that provide the best Bulk bags of compost

In the competitive market, EPP Vietnam is still the unit that many businesses place their full trust in. With many years of experience in packaging production, EPP specializes in providing the most perfect packaging samples and the quality is still the top priority.

The bulk bags of compost produced by EPP VietNam are always strictly inspected to ensure that every stage is carried out meticulously and delicately and to distribute the best quality products.

If you have a need to use quality big bags, please contact EPP VietNam immediately to get a detailed quote and a free quality sample. Coated jumbo bags are made from 100% virgin polypropylene to ensure good quality and durability.

You have learned about the demand for jumbo bags for Bulk bags of compost and the top supplier of the best quality products. Every farm chooses woven polypropylene big bags to improve productivity and economic efficiency. For any information that needs advice or to buy products, you can visit: https://epp.vn/ or contact us directly by the phone number at the end of the article.

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