How does 1 ton jumbo bag price fluctuate?

The Covid-19 epidemic is gradually becoming saturated and people are also returning to the rhythm of life. Import and export activities are also promoted to develop the economy. This makes the packaging industry in general and the fibc industry, in particular, more exciting than ever. So with the increasing demand, how does 1 ton jumbo bag price fluctuate? If you have the same question as above, please kindly follow this article to get the best answer.

Some factors affecting the 1 ton jumbo bag price

1 ton bulk bags are popular fibc used to pack and transport different types of bulk goods. Moreover, 1-ton big bags are also designed with many different models such as top and bottom spout bulk bags or Q bags to suit each type of cargo with special requirements in storage and transportation. Therefore, the price of FIBC bags also fluctuates according to many different factors.

The design of bulk bags 1 tonne

The need for commercial applications to increase the quantity and variety of packaging and shipping makes 1 ton jumbo bag selection a more frequent and important task. Depending on the type of goods you need to store or transport, 1000kg bulk bags can have different designs.

1 ton bulk bags are popular fibc used to pack and transport different types of bulk goods

- U panel bulk bags: U-panel bags are manufactured by using a long piece of PP fabric to make two sides (U-shaped) and one bottom. After that big bag manufacturers will add 2 small pieces to form the sides panels.

- Baffle fibc bag or Q bag: This is a heavy-duty bag sewn with 4 additional baffles inside. The baffles are pieces of PP fabric with holes to keep the square shape of the bag. This type of fibc is also sewn with sift proof, which is suitable for fine powder and materials with great flexibility and high flowability.

- Spout top and discharge bottom fibc super sack: The jumbo bag has a special design with the top and bottom spout made of coated PP woven fabric, with a tie. The discharge bottom is reinforced with a petal closure fastened with rope or parachute cord to prevent the bottom from sagging. The rope can be drawn easily to discharge the goods.

Dimensions of jumbo bag 

The size of the big bag also somewhat affects the 1 ton jumbo bag  price. Normally, 1 tonne fibcs will be made to the standard size of 90x90x100cm. In addition, fibc company can design big bags in a larger size to suit the use of many individuals and businesses. The dimension of the bulka bags can change to 90x90x120cm or larger. Thereby, it can be seen that the size of these large capacity bags also partly affects their price.

The size of the big bag also somewhat affects the 1 ton jumbo bag  price

Jumbo bag suppliers

The final factor that can affect 1 ton jumbo bag price is the super sacks suppliers. If you find a reputable supplier of quality packaging, you will get a good product at an affordable price. However, if you buy big bags from an intermediary, the price is also slightly different.

Latest 1-ton jumbo bag price in 2022

Based on the above information, you have partly understood the price of FIBC bags with a load of 1 ton. Below is the latest price listed on EPP's website for your reference.

Product types




Un bags

100 Pcs

$ 7.0

1000 Pcs

$ 6.4

5000 Pcs

$ 5.3

Tubular big bag with top spout

100 Pcs

$ 5.2

1000 Pcs

$ 4.4

5000 Pcs

$ 4.0

Baffle fibc bags

100 Pcs

$ 6.5

1000 Pcs

$ 5.0

5000 Pcs

$ 3.49


Above is a sharing about the factors that affect 1 ton jumbo bag price and the latest price list on EPP's website. Hope that you will get useful information from the above article. If you want to buy FIBC bulk bags, please pick up the phone and call us at +84 986 002 888 for detailed advice.


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