Fibc jumbo bags -  the most perfect long-term grain storage solution

Whether you are a bulk supplier of agricultural products or grain, proper long-term storage is crucial if you want to maintain the quality and shelf life of your goods. The use of fibc jumbo bags has increased over the past few years due to their advantages over other types of storage packaging. In this article, we will share with you the advantages of all types of fibc bags to provide the most perfect long-term grain storage solution.

Why should you find a solution for long-term grain storage?

Most of us have the mindset that grains and flours are dry foods with a stable shelf life. However, they can last a long time just by carefully storing them in the warehouse. There are still some factors that can affect grain quality.

For example, if the humidity and temperature in the storage area rise a little too high, your grains will become moldy and unusable. Whether you use them regularly or store them, the most important thing is storing them properly to maintain the best quality and nutritional value.

Fibc jumbo bags -  the most perfect long-term grain storage solution

Although different grains have different food preservation requirements, all of them can be preserved for a long time when you keep a good balance of humidity, temperature, and light in the storage.

Most especially, you need to store cereals away from insects and rodents to avoid affecting grain quality.

Check grain quality before storing in warehouse

Before you collect grains for storage, it is important to monitor their quality. If you grow your own, sort grains to get rid of spoiled grains. Especially cracked grains will easily cause mold, affecting the quality of cereal grains.

If you're a grain distributor then source the best from growers to ensure you're buying the freshest seeds. Making sure grains are properly dried before long-term storage is important if you buy them from the store.

You can perform weight tests to check the moisture content of your grains and cross-reference levels with moisture charts to ensure the best quality grain before storage.

Use anti-bulging jumbo packaging to preserve stored cereals

Before harvesting new grains for storage, you need to prepare the most suitable number and load of jumbo bags. Bulk-resistant jumbo bags are a great choice because they come in a variety of sizes, stack easily, and are pest-resistant.

Be sure to thoroughly clean jumbo bags against swelling before loading cereal for storage. This helps to remove dust, dirt, or bugs that may be in the packaging and avoid spoiling your fresh cereal.

When stored and monitored properly, grains can last for 8 to 12 years. However, many factors can affect the shelf life of grains. Therefore, it is important to monitor the storage area and check the grain regularly.

Above is the information shared about jumbo packaging that provides the most perfect long-term cereal storage solution. 


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