The advantages of u panel bulk bags

U panel bulk bags are manufactured by using a long piece of Pp fabric to make two sides (forming a U-shape) and one bottom. Then they will add 2 small pieces on the remaining sides. The U-panel jumbo bag is the industry standard bag and offers the benefits of ruggedness, stackability, and economy. Customers, please join us to learn about the advantages of these special bulk bags in the article below.

The advantages of u panel bulk bags

U-panel fibc bags are commonly used in industries to hold a variety of materials. These PP super sacks can be considered as the most useful product for transporting any kind of powdery, granular cargo. Jumbo bags are used in industries to store and transport materials in bulk. Buying top-quality packaging from a trusted manufacturer will ensure your products are safely stored in compliance with strict standards.

The fabric and loops are made of high-quality materials, providing outstanding quality, withstanding large safe working load (SWL) up to 1500 kgs; Safety factor (SF) up to 5:1, with weather resistance.

There are many special designs of U-panel bulk bags to best suit customer requirements. For example, the body of the bag can be coated or uncoated, depending on the working load and the nature of the contained product. The top of the bag is designed to suit the packing device with a skirt cover, a filling spout, a flap top or open top,...

Strict quality control processes meeting quality inspection standards give customers quality assurance products according to order requirements. The bulk bags with handles are made from Polypropylene (pp) which is a highly durable material. The inside can be inserted with a poly liner depending on the type of bag or customer's need.

Application of u panel bulk bags

U-Panel jumbo bags have been used for a long time in storing and transporting goods. In Vietnam, bulk bags wholesale have also been widely applied in fields such as storing and exporting agricultural and mineral products including powder, raw materials, and chemicals in recent years.

U-panel FIBCs are often used to store heavy products such as minerals, oxide powder, titanium, etc. In addition, they can also be used to store plastic resins, aluminum waste, super sacks of rubber mulch, construction soil, etc.

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