The safety factor of cashew nuts big bag

The cashew nuts big bag usually types a fibc made of plain woven polypropylene and non-conductive materials. Efficient transportation and handling of dry products such as cashews are becoming more and more important to a company's competitiveness. FIBC bags are designed according to the specific needs of customers, helping to protect the value of the materials inside. So, what is The safety factor of cashew nuts big bag? If you are having the same question, let's take a closer look at this type of bulk bag in the article below.

The safety factor of cashew nuts big bag

Cashew jumbo bags are FIBCs made and designed to store cashew nuts for export. Packaging for cashew nuts must have the function of preserving and protecting the product from dirt, insects, moisture and breakage.

Thanks to the packaging, the products inside are guaranteed to be safe during transportation without losing their original color or taste.

Uses of the big bags

The use of jumbo bags is very versatile, can be used for many different purposes and industries. The cashew nuts big bag is usually coated with a layer of PP glue or nested with a PE liner. Thanks to this reinforcement, the bag is resistant to water, moisture.

With the filling spout, the filling process is done quickly and closed. Cashew big bags usually have a bottom discharge so that the goods can be discharged easily. The jumbo bag for cashew nuts has the function of preserving and protecting the product from dirt, insects, moisture and breakage. Top-quality fibc containers ensure your cashews are securely packaged in compliance with global standards and regulations.

Safety factor of cashew nuts big bag

Most jumbo bags are designed with a safety factor of 5:1. The safety factor  (SF) of a jumbo bag is the load capacity or limit state of the bag against uncontrolled external influences during use. This means the 1 ton bulk bags can withstand 5 times the capacity.

It should be noted that, even with a safety factor of 5:1, we are only allowed to carry 1 ton of weight for this type of bag to ensure safety. In addition, jumbo bags are also designed with a safety factor lower than 5:1 depending on the needs of each customer. Customers need to absolutely follow the safety factor of each fibc product.

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