The leading company for quality baffle bag fibc

Baffle bag fibc is a very convenient packaging solution used by many factories and businesses to contain different bulk items. FIBC bags must be manufactured according to standard processes to get outstanding features and ensure high quality and durability. In particular, you need to buy a baffle bag from a reputable manufacturer to own quality products at an affordable price.

What you need to know when buying quality baffle bag fibc

When buying a baffle bulk bag we need to pay attention to its capacity. Because the capacity of the packaging must suit the needs of users. Customers should bear in mind that they only use pp super sacks according to product weight to get the most effectiveness. If you want to choose quality products, you must understand them very well.

What is a baffle bag fibc?

Q bag or baffle big bag is a large capacity bag sewn with 4 additional baffles inside the bag. The baffles are pieces of PP fabric with holes to keep the square shape of the bag.

This line of bags is also often sewn with anti-leakage of sift-proof thread, suitable for fine products and materials with great flexibility and high flowability.

Choose the right fibc for your needs

When choosing bulk bags, customers need to pay attention to using the correct packaging according to the specified load as well as using the correct storage process specified by the manufacturer. The correct industrial super sacks according to the calculated fibc bags specification will best suit the contained product inside.

Unlike many other types of packaging, baffle bag fibc always ensures durability without having worries about being worn or torn. As a result, these types of bulk bags can save maximum costs for users. Products with large sizes and heavy loads help businesses to pack more goods and still maintain safety. Whether it's fine powders, bulk goods, granules or liquids, the jumbo bag company produces customized types for them.

EPP VIETNAM - A company that produces quality baffle bag fibc

EPP VietNam is the largest manufacturer of high-quality Q bags, baffle bulk bags in Vietnam. We are proud to bring good quality products with competitive prices, and on-time delivery to domestic and foreign customers.

- EPP always provides the best wholesale price for customers, the more you buy, the bigger the discount.

- EPP has many different payment terms

- EPP always supports return and exchange in case the products do not meet the requirements of customers.

- In addition, EPP also has a team of professional staff who always answer all questions about the price as well as usage and order for customers.

Currently, EPP is providing many types of type A, B, C fibc, clean big bags for storage, bulk bags for sale, ventilated FIBC bags, UN bags... according to ISO standards. Our capacity is more than 18 million products per year.

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