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2021 is a booming year for the export market. With the efforts of businesses and the companionship of ministries and branches, the country's export turnover will increase to a record high, creating momentum for growth in 2022. Continuing with that success, EPP's high-class packaging lines make a significant contribution to the growth of large and medium-sized enterprises. Cheap PP super sacks with high quality have helped businesses save a lot of operating costs.

Why should you choose cheap pp super sacks of EPP Vietnam?

EPP VietNam has invested in the factory with modern equipment, along with the factory's certificates to produce jumbo bags (FIBC) in large quantities.

Each of our modern production line includes quality inspection from folding and storage is strictly controlled. Each of these production stages is quality checked by using advanced machines and equipment manufactured in the US and UK.

Investing in integrated production lines frees us from dependence on accessory suppliers to ensure product quality control and exact delivery time. 

The industrial super sacks at EPP possess characteristics such as weather resistance, tensile strength, easy packaging and transportation, and good product preservation.

In addition, we also apply the latest technologies in fibc manufacturing such as using transparent, environmentally friendly primary plastic beads, significantly reducing waste. PP super sacks are directly manufactured in domestic factories that have been certified to meet export standards, bringing the best effectiveness to your business.

What are fibc bags specifications of EPP VietNam's cheap pp super sacks?

PP bulk bags come in a variety of sizes with different specifications depending on the type of goods it contains. For example, SWL (Safe working load) is a given capacity of a bag and it is related to the maximum weight or volume of product that the bag can hold. This index will usually be expressed in kilograms and ranges from 500kg – 2000kg.

Standard pp super sacks will have a safety factor of 5:1, meaning that when tested in laboratory conditions, jumbo bag 1000kg are guaranteed not to break or tear with a weight of less than 5000kg. If the SF is 6:1, the heavy-duty FIBC has to be made from a thicker woven polypropylene fabric and tested to a higher standard.

Above is information about cheap PP super sacks of EPP Vietnam. Currently, EPP is providing many types of big bags:  type a fibc, type b bulk bags, type C fibc, food grade jumbo bags, baffle bag fibc, ventilated jumbo bags, UN bags... according to ISO, BRC, FSSC standards. Our capacity is more than 18 million products per year. If you want to buy cheap and quality Jumbo bags, please visit https://epp.vn to refer to the model or contact +84 986.002.888 now for a detailed quote.

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