Is the bulk bags aggregate coated or not

Bulk bags aggregate are considered as small containers used to handle and transport goods flexibly. This type of bag is suitable for transporting building materials such as sand and cement by container or by sea. This is an ideal packaging solution for cement and sand thanks to its high durability and easy handling. Readers, please join us to learn more about these big bags for storage in this article.

What are the features of bulk bags aggregate?

The aggregate & gravel bags are manufactured with high-strength woven polypropylene (PP) fabric. The plastic yarn is tightly woven and sewn together with anti-scratch threads. After that, a layer of PP film is laminated to the fabric to form an effective moisture-proof "coating".

FIBC bags offer construction companies many advantages. Overall, jumbo bags have been a great choice for aggregate businesses looking to cut costs. Using these types of bulk bags to transport construction materials between construction sites can reduce transportation space.

Bulk bags aggregate can be easily stacked. They can withstand heavy loads without the secondary containers, saving you money on expensive accessories. The FIBC is very sturdy and can carry heavy and oversized materials. A standard bulk bag of stones can transport tones of building material in a short time. Depending on the type of bag, customers can store bulk goods up to 2 tons.

Is the bulk bags aggregate coated or not?

Aggregate FIBCs are commonly coated jumbo bags. Coated big bags are made of quality polypropylene fabric with laminate PP film inside or outside. The PP extra layer helps customers reduce moisture and collect dust inside.

Coated bulk bags aggregate has outstanding water resistance and moisture resistance to best protect your building materials inside. In particular, the role of the PP layer is to reduce the possibility of product contamination extremely well.

Where is the best place to buy bulk bags aggregate?

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