What is the difference between u panel bulk bags and tubular fibc bags

U panel bulk bags, also known as U-panel jumbo bags, are special types of FIBCs used to store and transport many different bulk goods. Both the U-panel bag and the tubular big bag are made from coated polypropylene fabric (PP) to improve the waterproofing ability as well as preserve the product safely.

The common advantage of these two bags is convenient loading and unloading and transporting goods and time-saving. So, what is the difference between these two types of bulk bags? Please kindly follow this article to find out the answer with us. 

Finding out more about u panel bulk bags and tubular fibc bags

The U-Panel big bag is a standard bag with durability, stackability, and economy. U-panel bags are manufactured by using a long piece to make two sides (forming a U shape) and one bottom. Then sew 2 more pieces as the side panels to form a finished bag. 

Features of u panel bulk bags

The body of the U-panel fibc bag consists of 3 pieces, 1 long piece joined with 2 single pieces. The bottom and 2 sides are both of the same piece, therefore, it can provide even weight distribution and increase bag strength.

U-panel PP woven bags have a safety factor of 5:1 and reach over 2000kg working loads for the continuous transport of heavy materials.

Features of tubular fibc bags

The body of a tubular jumbo bag is designed with a tubular fabric, which is usually sewn on a square bottom panel. As a result, there are no seams on the body part, this creates a more aesthetically pleasing packaging. Moreover, with only a top and bottom piece sewn into the body, fibc tubular bags are great for fine and granular materials.

The seamless body of a tubular bulk bag is a cylindrical tube. As a result, Manufacturing tubular big bags takes less labor therefore it's more cost-effective than the U-panel bulk bags. The seamless body design is also ideal for storing materials without the use of an inner liner.

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