What is the structure of Conical FIBC bags

Conical FIBC bags are flexible intermediate bulk containers whose body is tubular PP woven fabric sewn with the bottom of the bag and the top panels. The bag will be shaped according to the shape of the top and the bottom of the bag to create a circular or square jumbo bag. This is specialized packaging for bulk products with a large load, high flexibility, eliminating the possibility of breaking or tearing when transporting or loading, and unloading. If you are in need of using this product for your business, then follow our article to understand how a conical bag is made.

Find out the structure of Conical FIBC bags

The special structure of the conical bag can limit the seam by sewing the top and bottom of the bag together with the body part.

The conical bulk bags eliminate the possibility of a burst or break the sewing seam. This structure is suitable for storing fine powder goods such as flour, rice and high-density products such as minerals, chemicals, metal powders.

The body

The body of a conical big bag is produced by a tubular fabric and coated or uncoated depending on the bag load and the nature of the product contained.

The top

You can design different top options for the conical bag. Depending on your goods, the bag will be manufactured with a flap top, a filling spout, or a filling skirt. To facilitate the transportation of goods, the bag is also sewn with 4 additional lifting loops and 2 stevedore straps for the use of forklifts and pallets.

The bottom

Conical FIBC bags have 2 types of bottom: circular bottom or square bottom, usually designed with flat bottom (closed bottom), discharge bottom (discharge funnel) or full open bottom. 

What are the advantages of conical FIBC bags?

Overall, jumbo bags have been a great choice for businesses looking to save costs. Using these types of heavy duty bags to store goods can greatly reduce time and effort.

FIBC bags can be easily stacked and shipped by container. They can withstand large loads without any protection, saving money on expensive adđitinal devices.

Unlike boxes or other packaging, conical bags adapt to fit the shape of your product at a cheaper price. Bulk bags wholesale can provide quality storage methods while greatly cutting the costs of hiring large warehouses or handling workers.

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