Where can I buy a 4 panel fibc

Where can I buy a 4 panel fibc with high quality and affordable price? This is a topic that is being discussed a lot on packaging forums. The main reason is that FIBC bags or jumbo bags have a special structure with extremely large loads to make packing and transporting goods more convenient.

However, the large working load means you have to pay more caution when buying super sacks. If you buy poor quality products, it will cause damage to your goods as well as human resources. In this article, we will help you understand what a 4 panel fibc is and where to provide the best quality products.

The information about the 4 panel FIBC you need to know

Four-Panel Bulk Bags are also known as 4-panel bags which are created by sewing 4 separate pieces of PP woven fabric together. Goods packed in 4-panel jumbo bags will be protected from the outside environment. 

Big bags for storage are made from plastic yarn, a soft thermoplastic material called polypropylene. Sometimes it will be coated with an extra layer on the surface to increase durability and water resistance.

Special design

The 4 panel fibc is one of the specially designed jumbo bags. In some cases, the inside of the bag can be sewn with baffles to prevent the product from swelling after packaging. After being filled, the bulk bags with handles will remain the square shape as the original size. Therefore, it is very easy to pack and stack them on each other. 4-panel fibc bags are often used to store bulk goods with a load of 500kg - 1 ton in powder and granular form.

High durability

Polypropylene resin is one of the lightest commercial plastics. As a result, the PP woven big bag is usually very light in weight. The lightness of the material makes 4 panel fibc convenient for storing and transporting goods.

PP Woven fabric can withstand heavy loads thanks to its durability. The Pp yarn is woven together and creates strong, dense layers. These properties Laminated FIBC bags ideal for storing and transporting goods as they can carry from 500kg to 2 ton of materials.

Cost savings

Using large capacity bags can reduce the cost of purchasing containers and increase your profits by preserving your products in the best way. Bulk bags for sale near me are high-quality containers that protect different materials, even foodstuff from damage during transport.

Buying 4 panel fibc at EPP Vietnam

EPP VietNam is the answer to the question of where to buy the most perfect 4-panel big bags. On the market today, there are many fibc company supplying and distributing jumbo bags, but EPP VietNam is still a reputable brand trusted by domestic and international customers because of our high-quality product and affordable price.

Over the years, our products have always been chosen by different businesses in industry, agriculture, chemicals,.. . Here are some advantages that explain why you should choose EPP.

- Genuine product, excellent quality.

- Diversity of models

- Affordable price, long warranty.

- You will be consulted about the suitable bag with the exact working load for your application.

- And many other outstanding advantages.

Above is information about 4-panel fibc. Hope the above information will help you find reputable big bags brands that supply this durable product. For any information that needs advice or to buy products, you can visit: https://epp.vn/ or contact us directly by email at the end of the article.

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