How much do bulk bags gravel cost

Bulk bags gravel is a loose aggregation of rock fragments. This is one of the favorite materials in the field of architectural decoration or interior and exterior landscape. Using decorative gravel can create accents and unique features for the space of your home. However, the gravel is small in size, but heavy in weight, therefore, it is extremely difficult to transport. A bulk bag is a large bag that can hold many bulk materials such as agricultural products, rice, minerals, cement, and gravel. So how much do bulk bags pea gravel cost? Customers can find out more details about this outstanding FIBC in this article.

What are the features of bulk bags gravel?

Big bags of gravel are often used to pack goods with loads from 1000kg-2000kg and the most popular is still 1 ton bulk bags. This bag has a sturdy design with high durability, therefore, it can withstand a large load without worrying about damage or tearing during use.

The fibc bags are made from large-format woven PP fabric with or without a layer of PP film as a moisture-proof barrier. The PP woven fabric is used in tubular form to sew into a circular bag or cut into 4 panels to sew into 4-panel or u panel fibc bag. The product has 2 or 4 loops to easily move by forklift or by crane when transporting heavy objects.

You need to choose the right bulk bags gravel to ensure safe and effective handling. During the filling and discharging process, there is often an accumulation of static electricity due to fine powders flowing into or out of the bags. This can pose a risk when transporting flammable or combustible goods. With the right FIBC Jumbo bag, such situations can be prevented. Common types of bulk bags used to store gravel include:

Traditional type a fibc

The industrial super sacks (FIBC) have 4 lifting loops sewn at the 4 corners so that the cranes/forklifts can easily move them. With outstanding advantages, ensuring all needs of customers, 1 ton Jumbo bags have become a very good choice in transporting and preserving goods.

Super sacks bags with flap top

This is a type with a special top cover with one edge sewn to the top of the bag. Usually, each flap top must be 10cm longer than the top of the bag so that it can then be tied together after finishing the filling process.

Closed bottom bulk bags with logo

This is an FIBC bag with a closed bottom. As a result, it has to be unloaded by turning the bag over from the top of the bag or using a knife to tear the bottom. These fibc jumbo bags are used for heavy goods such as gravel for construction.

How much do bulk bags gravel cost?

Many people wonder if possessing many outstanding advantages, is the price of bulk bags high compared to other packaging? If you still have doubts about this issue, please see the listed price of bulk bags gravel on the website of EPP Vietnam.


Product Name

Listed Price

Made in Vietnam UN pp woven container bag UN formstable breathable canvas tote bags 1m3 Un certificate FIBC bag translation

5.5 - 7.0$

EPP Industrial bulk bag 1 ton Type A intermediated container UN 1 ton bag 500kg 1000kg 700kg 2000kg UN jumbo bag translation

5.3 – 7.0$

UN super sacks Un certificate big bag Baffled type FIBC for FIBC PP Mineral Wool Rock wool Glass Wool Use Big Bulk Bag Super Sack

5.6 – 7.2$

Type C Type D bulka bag flexible 1 ton bag cheap made in Vietnam 500kg 1000kg 700kg 2000kg Type C ground-able bulk bags translation

5.2 – 6.5$

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