What is the price of a jumbo bag 500kg

The price of a jumbo bag 500kg is always a concern of small and medium enterprises. Because this flexible intermediate bulk container was born to serve the industry and agricultural production. FIBC bags are very large in size, so they can hold a large number of different products and materials. Bulk bags are made from polypropylene woven fabric that is absolutely safe for users' health. 500kg capacity is suitable for packing and transporting goods. In this article, we will share with you the price list of FIBC bags 500kg.

What is the price of a jumbo bag 500kg?

The price of big bags is still very cheap compared to traditional packaging bags or cartons. Especially for these FIBCs, you don't need to order in bulk to reduce the cost such as cartons, pp woven bags… Customers just order a specific quantity and many fibc manufacturers are ready to supply you with a very attractive price.

A typical example is that when ordering at EPP Vietnam, you can use a quality jumbo bag 500kg at a fairly affordable price. Below we will provide the listed price of big bags on the website of EPP Vietnam.

Product name

Listed price

Made in Vietnam UN pp woven container bag UN formstable breathable canvas tote bags 1m3 Un certificate FIBC bag translation

5.5 - 7.0$

EPP Industrial bulk bag 1 ton Type A intermediated container UN 1 ton bag 500kg 1000kg 700kg 2000kg UN jumbo bag translation

5.3 – 7.0$

UN super sacks Un certificate big bag Baffled type FIBC for FIBC PP Mineral Wool Rock wool Glass Wool Use Big Bulk Bag Super Sack

5.6 – 7.2$

Type C Type D bulka bag flexible 1 ton bag cheap made in Vietnam 500kg 1000kg 700kg 2000kg Type C ground-able bulk bags translation

5.2 – 6.5$

Outstanding advantages of jumbo bag 500kg at EPP Vietnam

Whether a small or medium-sized factory, there will always be a situation where there is not enough space for stock products. Usually, manufactured products are packaged in the form of boxes, cartons, packages, or small packages. With millions of these products, how many cartons are needed? In addition, many containers will of course also cause defects in management leading to difficulty in control and loss of goods.

The warehouse area will be occupied by unnecessary dead space if using unsuitable packaging. When renting the warehouse, the larger the area, the more money it will cost. Therefore, if you know how to use a jumbo bag 500kg for storage, it will save space and reduce the cost of the warehouse.

Each bulk bag will pack a certain quantity. Compared with cartons, the number of FIBCs is significantly reduced. As a result, management becomes easier than ever. Heavy-duty big bags are completely superior to traditional bags or containers thanks to their material - polypropylene plastic with the excellent function of being moisture-proof and waterproof. This is the biggest advantage that helps the goods to be better preserved.

In conclusion

We have learned about the price of a jumbo bag 500kg. Hope you get useful information from the above article. EPP Vietnam is a big bags company that specializes in the production of FIBC bags and supplies for enterprises producing and circulating goods in Vietnam and many other countries. EPP always strives to become the leading packaging supplier in Vietnam. EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd. at hotline +84986 002 888 for the most detailed advice.

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