What is the 1 ton jumbo bag price

The commercial transportation of import and export goods is always risky. Therefore, choosing safe packaging for goods is a matter of concern for many businesses. Are you looking for a safe solution to transport dangerous goods? The UN standard 1 ton jumbo bag is the perfect solution for businesses that need to transport and store goods such as chemicals, asbestos. However, currently, which unit provides UN big bags? What is the 1 ton jumbo bag price? Please join us to find the answer in this article.

What is the 1 ton jumbo bag price

The 1 ton bulk bags are super-durable jumbo bag 1000kg for storing and transporting a variety of products. FIBC bags are made from woven polypropylene (PP) and their structure varies depending on the type of product contained. The price of a 1 ton jumbo bag will depend on the structure of the bag.

The most popular 1 ton bulk bags

- Tubular big bags for storage: The body of the bag is a tubular fabric, usually sewn on a square bottom. Since there are no seams in this type, the bag will have a more aesthetic appeal. They are well suited for fine and small materials with only one top and bottom piece sewn to the body of the bag. 

- U panel bulk bags: U-panel bags are manufactured by using a long piece to make two sides (forming a U shape) and one bottom. Then sew 2 more short pieces at the other sides. The U-panel jumbo bag, an industry-standard bag, offers the benefits of sturdiness, stackability, and economy.

- Baffle bag: There are 4 baffles sewn into each corner of the body to prevent the bag from swelling after filling. This will allow more efficient use of the bag's storage capacity. Four sturdy loops help the forklift operator to handle big bags without the requirement of additional personnel.

1 ton jumbo bag price at EPP

1 tonne bulk bags with high quality, outstanding durability are very convenient and economical when packing, transporting, loading and unloading. Their price is much cheaper than normal packaging.

Product name

Listed price

Made in Vietnam UN pp woven container bag UN formstable breathable canvas tote bags 1m3 Un certificate FIBC bag translation

5.5 - 7.0$

EPP Industrial bulk bag 1 ton Type A intermediated container UN 1 ton bag 500kg 1000kg 700kg 2000kg UN jumbo bag translation

5.3 – 7.0$

UN super sacks Un certificate big bag Baffled type FIBC for FIBC PP Mineral Wool Rock wool Glass Wool Use Big Bulk Bag Super Sack

5.6 – 7.2$

Type C Type D bulka bag flexible 1 ton bag cheap made in Vietnam 500kg 1000kg 700kg 2000kg Type C ground-able bulk bags translation

5.2 – 6.5$

1 ton UN bags at EPP VietNam

Transporting and storing hazardous materials face many challenges and strict regulations. The hazardous nature of the product also requires specially designed jumbo bags. As a result,  UN (United Nations) big bags are manufactured, tested and certified for a wide range of goods in potentially fire-hazardous environments causing chemical burns, toxic environmental pollution.

The UN mark is a global/international system created by the United Nations for the classification, packaging, and labeling of dangerous goods, in order to transport them safely (by road, railway, sea and air). Mandatory testing must be carried out before the UN certification mark can be issued. Packaging must meet or exceed minimum performance standards before it can be used.

EPP VietNam UN Certified Bulk Bags are tested to be able to transport hazardous materials. Our 1 ton jumbo bags are designed to comply with all UN requirements ensuring your goods are safe during transit.

In order to issue a UN code for a FIBC bag, the Certification Body needs to test and confirm that the big bag has passed 6 tests: Top Lift , Stacking test, Drop test, Tear test, Topple Test, Righting Test.


So we have learned about the 1 ton jumbo bag price and the characteristics of the UN bags. Hope you get useful information from the above article. EPP Vietnam specializes in the production of big bags and supplies for enterprises producing and circulating goods in Vietnam and many other countries. EPP always strives to become the leading packaging supplier in Vietnam. Please kindly contact EPP Vietnam Co., Ltd. at hotline +84986 002 888 for the most detailed advice.

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