What features does the 1000kg cement bag have?

1000kg cement bags are being discussed by many cement manufacturers. This is a great solution when packing and storing building materials like cement with their outstanding strength and toughness. Moreover, thanks to the sharp and beautiful images by flexo printing technology, you can also strengthen your professionalism with your partners and customers easily. In this article, EPP will share with you the preeminent features of this product.

Features of a 1000kg bulk cement bag

The 1000kg FIBC cement bag is a large packaging bag, with a capacity of up to 1 ton. This bulk bag is a great choice to transport large volumes of goods, over long distances. The common dimension of cement bulk bag is 90x90x130cm. Depending on your requirements, you can choose some types of jumbo bags:

1000kg cement bags are being discussed by many cement manufacturers

- Cement bulka bag 1000kg with duffle top: holding more cement

- Flat bottom FIBC bulk bags for cement: creating the easy and secure process of loading goods into the warehouse.

Besides, you can choose many other different types of FIBCs with different structures.

What are the advantages of 1000kg bulk cement bags?

1000kg bulk cement bags are manufactured on modern closed production lines from high quality PP resins. The product has outstanding moisture resistance, electrical insulation, heat insulation, and water resistance. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your cement inside being affected by temperature and humidity from the surrounding environment.

1.0 Ton Bulk Cement Jumbo Big Bags are also reinforced with other benign additives to reinforce the mechanical strength and avoid the effects of tearing and pulling forces effectively. On the other hand, the image quality printed on the product is also beautiful and sharp (if any). As a result, you can also advertise your company effectively without spending too much money.

Using a 1 tonne Bag is a good way to remove dirt and prevent moisture from entering inside and avoid the quality of goods being affected after a long journey.

Cement Jumbo big bags are also added with additives that are resistant to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, your FIBCs will avoid tearing, discoloration, etc. due to the natural aging process as well as to the effects of UV rays. At the same time, the above characteristics also protect the stored cement, minimizing the negative impact on product quality.

Where to buy a 1000kg bulk cement bag with a good price? 

EPP Vietnam is the reliable supplier you should choose when purchasing 1000kg bulk cement bags. We are a leading company providing standard quality products. We have a team of highly specialized staff, enthusiastic and dynamic consultants, who will bring the best solutions to customers.

EPP Vietnam is the reliable supplier you should choose when purchasing 1000kg bulk cement bags

- Consulting enthusiastically, giving honest information to help you get quality products exactly as required.

- Only providing quality bulk bags, have a large load capacity, anti-mold, outstanding UV protection. As a result, cement and other products are not affected in terms of quality as well as aesthetics.

- Providing competitive price helps you save significant investment costs.

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