Super sack's latest price

Many businesses are concerned about the super sack's latest price. Businesses are applying Jumbo bags as a solution for packaging, storing and transporting goods. So, what factors affect the latest price list of this product? EPP’s answer will be in this article.

What factors determine the price of Super sacks

Super sacks, also known as Jumbo bags, bulk bags, FIBC bags, intermediated container bags are recently used to pack bulk materials in industry and agriculture. On the market, there are now many types of high-quality FIBC bags with trendy dimensions and designs.

Businesses are applying Jumbo bags as a solution for packaging, storing and transporting goods

However, because of different production processes as well as working loads, the product price is also somehow different. Here are a few factors that determine Super sacks latest price

Product material

The price of bulk bags also depends on the input material. If you need high-grade and durable FIBCs, their prices will be higher than standard FIBCs. Super sacks are mostly made from polypropylene. Polypropylene is a tough material that can deform and withstand forces without breaking. The material is more ductile than plastic, although it undergoes plastic deformation early in the deformation process.

High quality, environmentally friendly, and safe materials are completely different from traditional bag raw materials. Polypropylene retains its shape even after twisting and bending, making it a reliable choice.

Super sack supplier

In addition to the input material, the next factor determining the price is the supplier of your super sacks. You can totally find big factories providing a large quantity of product at a fairly affordable price. The final factor that affects the price is the weight and the type of bag. FIBCs with large working loads and special construction will cost slightly more than traditional Jumbo bags.

Quotation of Super sacks at EPP

Back to our main topic, EPP would like to send you the quotation for some products listed on our website After 16 years of operation in the plastic packaging industry, EPP Vietnam realizes the necessity of a leading company that supplies super sacks from the factory to customers in Vietnam and other countries.

Back to our main topic, EPP would like to send you the quotation for some products listed on our website

Currently, we are supplying many types of FIBCs: grade A, B, C, food-grade big bags, sling bags, ventilated bulk bags, UN bags, .. according to ISO standards.

Price of Baffle Big Bag/Q-Bags

Product name

Reference price

EPP Baffle Jumbo Bag with Open Top 

3.4 - 4.5$

EPP Baffle big bag Q bag form stable bulk bags with filling spout and flat bottom

3 – 5.20$

EPP Baffle jumbo bag with duffle top and flat bottom

4 – 5$

EPP baffle FIBC bag with open top and discharge bottom

4.2 – 5.2$

Price of Big Bag Type A

Product name

Reference price

EPP High Quality Jumbo Big Bag for Minerals

2.9- 4.0$

EPP Jumbo FIBC Bag with Filling Spout and flat bottom

3.9 – 5$

EPP Tubular bulk bag with filling skirt and flat bottom

3.5 – 5.3$

EPP Jumbo FIBC bag with filling spout and discharge bottom

4 – 5.5$

Price of UN Big Bag

Product name

Reference price

Made in Vietnam UN pp woven container bag UN formstable breathable canvas tote bags 1m3 Un certificate FIBC bag translation

5.5 - 7.0$

EPP Industrial bulk bag 1 ton Type A intermediated container UN 1 ton bag 500kg 1000kg 700kg 2000kg UN jumbo bag translation

5.3 – 7.0$

UN super sacks Un certificate big bag Baffled type FIBC for FIBC PP Mineral Wool Rock wool Glass Wool Use Big Bulk Bag Super Sack

5.6 – 7.2$

Type C Type D bulka bag flexible 1 ton bag cheap made in Vietnam 500kg 1000kg 700kg 2000kg Type C ground-able bulk bags translation

5.2 – 6.5$

Above is the price list of Super sacks listed on EPP's website. If you want to buy bulk bags, please pick up the phone and call us at 84 986 002 888 for detailed advice. 


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