How are PP woven tote bags manufactured?

PP woven tote bags, also known as jumbo bags, big bags, FIBCs, bulk bags, super sacks with working loads of 500kg-1500kg, meet the requirements of each different material. Currently, FIBC tote bags are trusted by many customers. PP woven big bags are usually manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, but the production line is completely different according to different types of bulk bags as well as different manufacturers. In this article, EPP will help you find out how PP woven tote bags are produced in our factory.

PP woven tote bags production line

Each manufacturer will choose different PP woven tote bags production line to achieve the desired efficiency and quality. But in general, FIBCs often go through the following process. 

PP woven tote bags, also known as jumbo bags, big bags, FIBCs

And other manufacturers may use different names or combinations of certain steps. EPP pays special attention to each step to create the best products, meeting the exact requirements of customers.

Materials preparation and yarning

In the production line of PP woven tote bags, raw material preparation is considered the first step to select the most suitable materials for the product. It is necessary to choose the most suitable and quality PP resins to extrude into long fibers. Finally, when having enough yarns, the manufacturer will roll all those yarns into rolls.

Weaving and Lamination 

For this stage, the manufacturer must weave the PP fibers into PP woven fabric. You can choose to weave in the circular/tubular weaving loom the flat (Sulzer) loom to produce PP Woven Tubular Fabric or the Flat Polypropylene Woven Fabric depending on the requirements.

Finally, when having enough yarns, the manufacturer will roll all those yarns into rolls

Choosing the appropriate types of machines will be based on the dimension of the customer’s desired FIBCs. At this stage, the belt will also be woven from the belt weaving machine. After weaving, the lamination will be applied for each type of bulk bag. Not all FIBC bags need to be coated, however, super sacks for fine powder or moisture-resistant materials are required to have a coating layer to safely protect the product inside.


The following step in the FIBC production line is the automatic cutting of woven fabrics and belts. PP fabric will now be cut to form different parts of the bulk bag including the body, bottom, top, filling and discharge spouts. The body part is then passed through the printing area. In this step, the information of customers such as the company name or contact information will be printed on the fabric. With modern flexographic printing technology, bulk big bags at EPP can be printed in up to 5 different colors. Customer information is also arranged to suit each printed location as well as carefully printed. 

Industrial sewing

To create a finished 1 ton tote bag, it is indispensable to sew all the parts of the bag together. This stage is quite simple and the easiest to understand is that the workers will connect the bottom parts, top parts and loops to the body of the bag.

The seams must be meticulous to create beautiful, quality Industrial Jumbo Bags as well as create durability when used to carry heavy products. Although simple, it requires a lot of workforces, even and beautiful seams must be created from experienced and patient workers.

Quality checking

This is considered a rather demanding step in the manufacturing process as it seems to determine whether your bag is of good quality or not. The workers conducting the inspection must carefully consider whether the seams, the durability of the product as well as the information that the manufacturer requires is completely met.

To create a finished 1 ton tote bag, it is indispensable to sew all the parts of the bag together

In particular, all components of a big bag have been sewn according to the given requirements. If only a small defect is detected, the product will be completely removed. EPP Vietnam's QC team is extremely experienced and always closely inspects the bags to ensure that each bag delivered to the customer must be the most perfect product. The production line of a basic PP woven tote bag needs to go through all of the above steps. Each process is carefully monitored to produce a high-grade 1000kg tote bag. Hopefully, the article will help you have more skills to choose a suitable FIBC bag for your application. Please contact EPP immediately at hotline 84 986 002 888 or visit our website to find the most suitable product.


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