Polypropylene big bag and its outstanding features

Polypropylene (PP) is a synthetic plastic produced from the polymerization of propylene. Its outstanding features include flexural when heated to a specific temperature and solidifying when cooled. Because of other properties such as flexibility, light weight… polypropylene is used to produce polypropylene big bags for industrial and agricultural applications. The packaging industry is the largest end user of polypropylene with about 30% of consumption.

Features of polypropylene big bags

Polypropylene was originally developed in 1951 by Phillips Petroleum as a result of a failed experiment. Two chemists tried to extract gasoline from propylene, but their attempt was unsuccessful. They quickly realized that the new element accidentally created in the process was very versatile and could benefit many industries.

As polypropylene (PP) became popular, its excellent water-proof properties were discovered. PP cannot absorb any moisture on its own, instead, it passes through this fabric without leaving any traces.

The bags are breathable, making them ideal for packing perishable produce

Thanks to its low specific gravity, polypropylene fabric offers the greatest amount of yarn mass for a given weight, which means that the PP yarn has good coverage while it is extremely light. Polypropylene is 20% lighter than nylon and 34% lighter than polyester.

For that reason, these PP woven big bags are used for storing and transporting agricultural products. The bags are breathable, making them ideal for packing perishable produce. These bags have a long life and are resilient to many elements of wear and tear, making them perfect for reuse over and over again. Normally, manufacturers laminate their big bag Polypropylene to add a feature of water resistance to the benefits of these bags.

Applications of polypropylene big bags

PP Woven Big Jumbo Bags are mainly used in agricultural and food packaging. FIBC bag manufacturers offer laminated bags to the food industry for moisture-proof packaging of rice, flour, corn, and more.

Thanks to their strength and mechanical properties, these bags serve as a robust packaging solution for storing and transporting goods for longer periods of time.

Resistance to bacteria and rodents

Polypropylene fibers are resistant to microorganisms, mice, moths, insects, pests and bacteria. Woven PP fabric also prevents mold growth. As PP fabric is a woven material, it will maintain breathability when storing the goods inside.

Flexible application

Polypropylene is very strong and flexible, therefore, it can be molded into different shapes and sizes, depending on the customer's requirements. PP woven jumbo bags are no exception.

PP Woven Big Jumbo Bags are mainly used in agricultural and food packaging

Customers can completely design PP woven FIBC bags as required. For example, you may need 1 ton bulk bags for transporting flour or the smaller woven jumbo bags for animal feed.

PP fabric can meet all your storage, packaging and transportation needs. PP fabric is also environmentally friendly as it can be recycled, which reduces carbon emissions.

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