Reasons to choose milk powder bulk bags

Cuisine in general and drinks, in particular, are no longer within the simple framework of eating and drinking. It has been raised to the level of art. That is why the ingredients need to be meticulous in the processing, and milk powder is one of the important materials of this industry. Enterprises often choose to use Big bags with a loading capacity of 500 - 850kg to store and transport milk powder as raw materials for production in food factories.

What is milk powder?

Milk powder or dry milk are both terms that refer to products manufactured by evaporating water in a milk solution until only powdered milk remains. The purpose of drying milk is to preserve it longer.

Powdered milk has a much longer shelf life than liquid milk that doesn't have to be kept cold. On the other hand, milk powder is much lighter in weight, much easier to transport, and much cheaper than liquid milk.

Reasons to choose milk powder jumbo bags

• Milk powder is a high-quality nutritional food that requires packaging to ensure a good level of separation and product preservation. Therefore, a jumbo bag containing milk powder will need an inner liner (PE Liner) inserted into the bag. This liner is a transparent tubular bag with a thickness of 60 - 70mic and is bigger than the outer PP bags.

• The liner bag completely separates the milk powder from the outside environment, ensuring food hygiene as well as waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-leakage.

Milk powder bulk bags have been strictly controlled for food contact standards

Milk powder bulk bags have been strictly controlled for food contact standards

• Milk powder bulk bags have been strictly controlled for food contact standards. For EPP Vietnam - an FIBC manufacturer, jumbo bags for milk powder are manufactured and controlled by the FSSC 22000 food safety and quality management system. We ensure that the bulk bag meets the food contact standards not only by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health but also by fastidious markets such as the US, Europe...

• With the standard of bulk bag manufacturers - EPP VIETNAM, milk powder FIBC bags must ensure a safety factor of 5:1 for single-use and 6:1 for Multiple-use, anti-UV Protection up to 1600 hours.

• The bulk bag with a filling spout (spout top bulk bag) is a common type of FIBCs containing milk powder. This bag creates a closed packing process and ensures food hygiene and safety. The spout will be designed to meet the customer's loading equipment.

Jumbo bags containing milk powder ensure food contact standards according to HACCP.

Instructions for using milk powder bulk bags

The milk powder bulk bags produced at EPP Vietnam’s factory must meet the following technical standards:

With the standard of bulk bag manufacturers - EPP VIETNAM, milk powder FIBC

• Ensure safety factors according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 of Europe:

+ Safety factor 5:1 for single-use bags.

+ Safety factor 6:1 for reusable bags.

• UV Protection up to 1600 hours.

• Special requirements: powdered milk jumbo bags must meet HACCP food contact standards.

User Manual


Step 1: Stabilize the jumbo bag on the packing rig

Step 2: Put the filling spout or skirt cover into the packing hopper

Step 3: fill sand in jumbo bags

Step 4: Move the bag outside and close the filling spout or skirt


Step 1: stabilize the jumbo bag containing sand on the discharger, with a bottom lifting platform

Step 2: Untie the drawstring at the bottom, open the lotus wing to bring out the discharge spout

Step 3: Discharge almost all of the goods, then shake to fully release 

In conclusion, EPP.VN wants to give you the reason why you should choose bulk bags for packaging your milk powder. Big bags are ideal for storing and transporting milk powder for food manufacturing plants. If you are in need of buying and using milk powder bulk bags, please contact:


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