Wood pellets, Sawdust pellets are very eco-friendly biofuels. Moreover, they are produced from waste products of wood processing machines such as shavings, sawdust, corn stalks, waste wood, peanut shells, etc. It means that using this material as a fuel reduces waste disposal problems. In addition, the cost of using wood pellets is much cheaper than other fuels.

Wood pellets commonly used in heaters are popular in the European, Japanese, Korean, North American markets, etc., which have low temperatures. Wood pellets are also used in many fields such as lining chicken, pig, goat cages or used in industrial and civil incineration equipment.

FIBC bags are chosen by many EPP’s customers to store and export sawdust pellets, wood pellets, rice husk pellets with loading weights from 500 to 800kg.

2. Specification of the Bulk bag for wood pellets.


The Bulk bag (big bag, FIBC bag) for wood pellets is made from virgin polypropylene woven fabric with 4 parts: body + top + bottom + loop.

Top option:

The most common type of big bag for sawdust pellets is FIBC with a filling spout or filling skirt. The filling spout and duffle top will be tied to your loading equipment. In addition, there are some customers who choose to use FIBC bags with open tops or flap tops.


FIBC bags for wood pellets usually have a tubular shape or a U shape and they are made from uncoated PP woven fabric with suitable weight.


The bottom of bulk bag for wood pellets is often sewn with a discharge spout and a petal closure for easy opening and closing when unloading materials.


Big bags containing sawdust pellets are usually designed with 4 lifting loops or side seam loops to serve the needs of packing and transporting by forklift.

In addition, the bag can be added 2 more stevedore straps for loading and unloading by crane in the warehouse or at the port.


500kg Jumbo bag for sawdust pellets: Size 90cm x 90cm x 120cm.

650-700kg FIBC bag for wood pellets: Size 95cm x 95cm x 110cm.

750-800kg Big bag for rice husk pellets: Size 100cm x 100cm x 110cm.

3. Color, printing

In terms of color, bulk bag for wood pellets is usually white or beige.

This FIBC can be flexo printed from 1 to 4 colors with the content on 1 - 2 sides of the bag.

4. Technical standards

Our FIBC bags have safety factor according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 of Europe:

+ SF 5:1 for single-use bags.

+ SF 6:1 for reusable bags.

UV Protection up to 1600 hours.

In conclusion, FIBC bags are the ideal solution for storing and transporting wood pellets, sawdust pellets, rice husk pellets. If you are in need of purchasing and using bulk bags for wood pellets, please contact:


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