Discharge bottom bulk bag (discharge bottom FIBC bag, bulk bag with discharge spout) is one of the typical type of jumbo bags (also known as big bag, bulk bag, FIBC). This is a specialized bulk packaging bag for storing and transporting products with Safe Working Load of 500kg - 2000kg.

FIBC bag with discharge spout

The discharge spout FIBC bulk bag has a coated PP woven tube sewn into the bottom of the bag with a diameter of 30cm - 50cm, length from 45cm - 50cm. Normally this is called the discharge spout and designed with a tie attached for easier opening and discharging.

Manufacturers of high quality Bulk bags will add a petal closure (or star closure) made from the bottom fabric of the jumbo bag and thread a drawstring. The petal closure has the effect of supporting and protecting the discharge spout from tearing before and after discharging the products.

In addition, this reinforced layer also helps the bags’s bottom to be flat after filling. There is not much difference in shape between the discharge spout jumbo bag and the closed bottom (flat bottom) big bag. One of the other advantages of petal closure is that it helps to control the speed of discharging by opening and withdrawing its cord.

The jumbo bag or FIBC with discharge spout is a very popular bulk bag compared to other bag designs because of the following advantages:

1. Fast discharging

When storing products in the form of granules, powders, pellets... jumbo bags with discharge bottom are considered the fastest and safest method of discharging goods. After lifting the bag and placing it in the appropriate discharge position, customers only need to open the petal closure, pull out the discharge spout, untie the cord, and the product will flow out quickly from the bag.

2. Create a closed discharge environment

The jumbo bag with discharge spout is the first choice for businesses with a standard packing system. This type of bulk bag helps the discharging process to be carried out in a closed manner, preventing the product from flying outto the factory, causing unsanitary, especially for jumbo bags containing powder or sawdust.

Because of this advantage, FIBC bags with discharge spouts are considered the most perfect packaging solution to store your products such as chemical powders, minerals, flour, food powders.

In general, discharge bottom big bags help limit loss of goods, protect workers' health, keep the factory environment clean and separate products from the outside environment.

3. Reusable FIBC bags

If you are using a big bag with discharge bottom, after filling and discharging the materials from the bag, it will still be kept intact. In the case of using closed bottom or flat bottom bulk bags, the users will tear the bag to get the materials out quickly. However, this solution is both unsafe and non-reusable.

Discharge bottom FIBC bags are considered an extremely economical solution because of the ability to reuse bags many times or liquidate with high value.

With all the above advantages, FIBCs with discharge spouts are often advised to customers by suppliers as the most effective, safe and economical FIBC bag solution for transporting self-flowing products in powder, granule, form, flakes, pellets, etc ….