FIBCs (big bag, jumbo bags, bulk bags) are ideal solutions for transporting and storing large quantities of materials safely and efficiently. Bulk bags are used in numerous industries including agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, pet food, as well as metals and mining. In many of these industries, they are not enough and needs to be paired with FIBC liners. The features that are attained by using FIBC liners (PE liner) are: Oxygen barrier, Moisture barrier, Chemical resistance, Anti-static properties, High Strength.

This combination is commonly used for food grade products and very fine powders. Liners for FIBC are sometimes inserted loosely and work with both duffle top and spout top bags. Bulk bags liners can also be made with attachment tabs which allow the liners to be sewed, tied, or glued to the bag removing the chance of the liner discharging from the bag. The four most common types of bag poly liners are:

1.Lay-Flat Liners

2.Form-Fit Liners

3.Baffle Liners

4.Aluminum Liners

5.Foodgrade Liners

6.Antistatic Liner

1.Lay-Flat Polyethylene Liners

Lay flat polyethylene liners are the most common type of liners. These polyethylene liners are cylindrical in shape and have no spouts. They are generally open at the top and sealed at the bottom. Despite the fact that they don’t have discharge outlets, they are a popular design for FIBCs. So if you need a product that requires such an arrangement, these tubular liners are the best for the task.

2.Form-Fit Polyethylene Liners

 As the name suggests, these liners are made of polyethylene and they can adjust themselves to the exact shape of the FIBC, including of the spouts, provides easier filling and discharging of the product they are carrying. The best part is that these liners can be easily removed from the FIBC or left there permanently.

Not only are these liners strong but they are also known to be chemical resistant and have moisture/ oxygen barriers along with anti-static properties. Thereby ensuring that the product remains completely safe and pure. These liners also allow for a consistent fill and discharge of products because they do not have folds, pleats or other traps to slow down product flow.  

3.Baffle Polyethylene Liners

The baffle PE liner can provide superior package performance and, at times, reduce storage and shipping costs. Like form-fit liner, this liner is fitted to the FIBC and makes use of internal baffles to maintain a square shape and prevent bulging of the bag. The square shape of baffle poly liners can also help save space on pallets and in trucks. Morover baffle liners can also increase FIBC stack-ability, stablility and hold up to 30 % more materials in a given space.

4.Aluminum Foil Liners

FIBC foil liners are made of aluminum-laminated films that protect the quality and the integrity of the material inside the bag. Each aluminum foil liner can be manufactured using various aluminum compounds depending on the specific needs of each application.

Foil liners also known as Form shaped aluminum liners, improve filling, discharging, handling and stability of The big bag. Aluminum foil liners offer great moisture, oxygen, and UV protection and are compatible with a wide variety of jumbo bags.

5.Food-grade Liners 

Food grade liner can have the shape of lay-flat or form-fit liner. The difference is that they need to meet standards with the intent of putting food products into the bags. Like Food grade FIBCs, Food grade liner are manufactured in a clean room facility that can be certified by a food safety standard like HACC, ISO or BRC. They can keep food items fresh and free from contamination.

6.Conductive Liners/ Antistatic Liners

 Apart from these types of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container liners, in order to safely transport items that are likely to be subjected to a static build-up, you can also choose conductive liners or antistatic liners. Conductive FIBC Liners are made of polypropylene, has conductive films around it while antistatic liners have polypropylene film. They are specially formulated with film additives that dissipate static charges away from potentially flammable products and environments. In addition, they can eliminate dry chemical static cling.

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