Facts about FIBC bulk bags (super sacks)
Super sacks are popular across industries for packaging solid dry bulk materials, known by various names including Jumbo bags, big bags, or FIBC bags. They come in different sizes and designs depending on their intended usage

Woven polypropylene bulka bags and their great benefits
Woven polypropylene bulka bags are heavy-duty bags, holding up to 5 tons of product, therefore, they are quite big in size. However, it is undeniable that FIBC bags bring a lot of benefits such as very large load capacity, storing a variety of materials, eco-friendly packaging, and cheaper price compared to other normal 25kg or 50kg Polypropylene (PP) woven bags

Polypropylene big bag and its outstanding features
Polypropylene (PP) is a synthetic plastic produced from the polymerization of propylene. Its outstanding features include flexural when heated to a specific temperature and solidifying when cooled. Because of other properties such as flexibility, light weight…

Tote FIBC bag and its great benefits
FIBC bags are the best choice for bulk packaging in various industries. The product is an exceptional aesthetic and cost-effective packaging solution. These bags are manufactured from Polypropylene and form an ultra-durable packaging solution.

What are the features of coated bulk bags?
Coated bulk bags are FIBCs made from laminated PP woven fabric to preserve the products from water and limit powdered products from leaking out. This is a large transport packaging with a high level of strength, dedicated to containing, storing and transporting goods at loads from 500kg - 2500kg

Safety Handling and transporting 1000kg fibc bag
Lifting and transporting a 1000kg fibc bag is difficult work that should always be done with adequate knowledge and skill in appropriate methods based on the specific bag type, capacity, and used equipment. Most of the safe handling procedures for transporting FIBC bags

Principles of FIBC bag recycling
FIBC bags (bulk bags, big bags) are popular industrial packaging solutions, therefore, the total number of global products used annually is huge. As a result, appropriate waste management measures such as reuse and recycling should be applied to minimize the environmental impact and save minimal costs in the industry.

Learn about Bottom discharge bulk bag
The Bottom discharge bulk bag is a type of FIBC bag whose bottom is cut with a round hole and sewn with a coated PP woven spout with a diameter of 30cm - 50cm, a length of 45cm - 50cm. A tie will be attached to the side of this discharge spout

Criteria for choosing PP woven bulk big bag
Criteria for choosing PP woven bulk big bags are always interested by many businesses to serve their needs. PP woven big bags, also known as Jumbo bags, bulk bags, super sacks, FIBCs are considered specialized large packaging solutions to store goods with a load of 500kg - 850kg

Selection criteria of bulk bag low price
The Selection criteria of bulk bag low price are concerned by many businesses. Especially those who are choosing this product as a packaging solution. The correct criteria will help you choose the most suitable type and the dimension of FIBCs