Nowadays, FIBC bags (bulk bags, big bags) are more and more widely used in many countries around the world. After many years of providing PP products, we realize that customers sometimes do not understand clearly what is the difference between standard bulk bags and clean FIBC bags.

Stevedore FIBC
Stevedore FIBC Stevedore straps are a lifting component of a Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC, also known as bulk bag, big bag, jumbo bag). A stevedore strap is a belt connecting either two adjacent lift loops or all four loops. In general, the straps are used for single-point lifting. However, the bulk bag is not limited to single-point pickup with the addition of stevedore straps.

What Are the Different Bulk Bag Discharge Types?
Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs, jumbo bags, big bags, bulk bags) are made from flexible, woven materials and can typically hold between 500 kg and 2,000 kg of flowable product. There are several different bulk bags construction methods and bulk bag discharge types to consider, depending on your application.

How to distinguish between standard bulk bags (FIBC) and baffle bulk bags?
As we all know, most of the standard jumbo bags (FIBC), are sewn with 4 side panels and a bottom panel. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, top options, body options, bottom options, loops and other features.

What is Flexo printing technology? Why did FIBC manufacturers choose this technology?
In the printing industry, there are nowadays two widely applied types of printing technology. That is Flexo printing and Offset printing. Offset printing may be quite familiar to many people, but not everyone understands about Flexo printing and its operating principle

What is PP (Polypropylene)? Its Application In our Life
Let's explore the composition and properties of PP plastic with EPP.VN to find out why PP (Polypropylene) is so popular with users & manufacturers.

Fibc bulk bag frequently asked questions are the information which helps customers understand about this product and choose the suitable design for their works. Jumbo bags are made from polypropylene ( PP) and are widely used in agriculture, industry and chemistry.

Facts about FIBC bulk bags (super sacks)
Super sacks are popular across industries for packaging solid dry bulk materials, known by various names including Jumbo bags, big bags, or FIBC bags. They come in different sizes and designs depending on their intended usage

Woven polypropylene bulka bags and their great benefits
Woven polypropylene bulka bags are heavy-duty bags, holding up to 5 tons of product, therefore, they are quite big in size. However, it is undeniable that FIBC bags bring a lot of benefits such as very large load capacity, storing a variety of materials, eco-friendly packaging, and cheaper price compared to other normal 25kg or 50kg Polypropylene (PP) woven bags

Polypropylene big bag and its outstanding features
Polypropylene (PP) is a synthetic plastic produced from the polymerization of propylene. Its outstanding features include flexural when heated to a specific temperature and solidifying when cooled. Because of other properties such as flexibility, light weight…